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Tough Run

The Sox are on a 12 game dash through what are (were?) four first place teams – the Tigers, Rangers, Yanks, then Phillies.  What a stretch.  We wonder if this has happened before, at least since the advent of interleague play, where a team plays four consecutive series against division leaders.  Paging Elias!

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I thought the Yanks had a rough schedule a few days ago – Rangers, Tampa, Boston, and then Mets. But hopefully they’ll pull out, and Tampa is a bit off thus far (though still .500).

it bugs me that there are 5 consecutive interleague series. june is basically devoted to interleague. i’m fine with interleague but 5 consecutive series is i think a bit out of hand. we need less interleague.
omg, did i just start that argument…..

I agree. Once a sort of interesting diversion, interleague has become a bore. Not to mention the unfairness of how it affects the wild cars race.

I don’t mind 2 or 3 interleague series’s, but anything more than that gets boring. That’s what used to make the World Series so fun: the NL team was foreign, unknown and mysterious (at least it was when I was a kid; I follow most teams around the league a lot more now).
If us AL teams dislike it this much, I wonder how much the NL guys enjoy it. Aside from the pitchers, who I’m sure are happy they don’t have to bat.

A friend of mine argued that home AL teams have an advantage over away NL teams in interleague play, because AL teams are set up with the DH in mind, while NL teams have weaker players to fill the DH spot.
I don’t think that’s entirely valid; bench players hit for pitchers all the time in the NL, while bench players in the AL tend to play in 50-60 games a year at best.

I think I would agree that AL teams are more setup for interleague play: AL teams have power hitters for their DH (Ortiz, Frank Thomas, Jim Thome, etc.), whereas NL teams tend to have more versatile players on the bench who can fill a number of roles. Compare the elite DH’s to the best NL bench player and it’s not even close.

In addition to the Rays being off, the Mets are on the verge of severe and sudden deterioration. Church, Delgado, Putz, and Reyes are all injured (Delgado and Reyes likely won’t be back for at least a month). I think they are close to free-falling. Meanwhile the Yanks, other than Nady, Bruney, and Marte, are basically at 100%.
As for interleague, I can’t believe you all are complaining when the Nats are coming to town. Now that’s can’t-miss-baseball.

Atheose: I dunno about that. Ortiz isn’t hitting and Thomas isn’t even playing.

Yeah, the Mets are hurting. Still, if you catch Santana, you better make sure you win the other two games of the series.

Kazz, I thought you were talking about interleague play in general, not this year specifically. Obviously this year the big DH players are down a bit, but in general I think the AL has a HUGE advantage in home interleague games.
Not only that IH, but JJ Putz is out for at least 2 months.

Interleague play should be given up for a day to see if anyone misses it (no one will) and then abandoned forever.
Spread those 15ish games around so I can see more out-of-division games against AL central and west opponents, please.

“…we need less interleague…” [play]
i couldn’t agree more, yf…unless it’s with ag who said it should be “…abandoned forever…”
i understand baseball’s need [obsession] with gimmickry to keep the cash cow pooping money, but interleague play is just another baseball gimmick with no value…none…as ag suggests, i’d rather see those games spread around to teams in our own league…
and no brad, while i know you were joking, my opinion has nothing to do with wang getting hurt…it’s true that AL pitchers are being asked to do something that they probably haven’t done since little league, but they are professional athletes after all, and should be able to run without tripping over their own feet…

I kinda like it, but there’s far too much of it. How about one interleague series per regular season?

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