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Trade Days

It's that time of year, and we have the first report of a team making a completely ridiculous reasonable request of the Yankees, who are seeking a starting pitcher:

The Rockies have asked the Yankees for four minor league players – including top pitching prospects Manny Banuelos and Dellin Betances – in exchange for 27-year-old right-hander Ubaldo Jimenez,’s Jon Heyman tweeted Sunday. Jimenez is 5-8 with a 4.08 ERA this year, but is a past All-Star, World Series starter and Cy Young candidate.

The other two players asked for are Triple-A catcher Jesus Montero and right-hander Ivan Nova, who is 8-4 with a 4.12 ERA for the Yankees.

To recap, that's Banuelos, Betances, Montero and Nova for Ubaldo Jimenez, who has a 4.21 ERA in his last 37 starts dating to last June.

Get it done, Cashman! 

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I should add that Jimenez this year has a huuuuge home/road split, and Coors is boosting offense to levels close to the pre-humidor days again, so he’s likely better than his recent numbers imply.
On the other hand, he also gets to face NL offenses in general and NL West offenses (LA, SF and SD ranked 13th, 15th and 16th in the league in OPS) in particular, while getting a handful of starts each in his division rivals’ pitcher-friendly confines (SD, LA and SF ranked 25th, 28th and 30th in MLB in runs park factor).

Jiminez is effectively cost-controlled until the end of 2014, and, of course, he’s shown the ability to be an elite starter already. He’s young, he has ridiculous stuff, the Rox don’t have a big financial reason to trade him now, so, yeah, he’s going to cost a lot in prospects right now. Because of his weird regression this season and because of his supposed high-stress delivery, I say stay away.
But it’s tempting.

I didn’t notice this until I read a post from Replacement Level Yankees Weblog, but I’d be concerned about this:
Fastball Velocity
2007: 96.7
2008: 95.4
2009: 96.0
2010: 95.8
2011: 93.9
Slider Velocity
2007: 86.5
2008: 86.0
2009: 86.1
2010: 86.4
2011: 83.3
You can see the dropoff graphically at this link. That seems alarming.

A quick glance at Jimenez’ stats makes it seem like he has just been the recipient of bad luck; his BB/K ratio is the same, though his H/9 and HR/9 are up, both of which is explainable by Coors.
But then I saw the info on his velocity that Paul posted above. That’s a big concern for somebody who is only 27.

Just seems fishy why O’Dowd would be dangling Ubaldo out there. He’s clearly not the pitcher he was last year and miraculously now they want to move a pitcher under team control for the next few years and reasonably so at that…Red flag Cash, big red flag. As much as I’d love to have Ubaldo, I don’t want to pay ’10’s rate for 3/4 to 1/2 the pitcher.

PS – They are also reporting that Montero is not part of the deal. Even at that…Let’s just make sure if we do get to talking we have someone other than the doctor that examined Feliciano and Soriano prior to signing with the Yankees, I don’t think his opinion holds much weight these days.

Yeah Ath – the sport-talks shows in NY have been buzzing re: the K-Rod trade to Milwaukee for 2 players to be named – especially given the Milwaukee’s farm system has been decimated by the Greinke deal + others…K-Rod was due a massive salary bump next year if he appeared in 55 games as a closer in 2011. The salary raise would have made him the most expensive closer in the majors I think (it would have awarded him $17.5 mill in 2012). Apparently, in Spring training the MLBPA made a special point of noting that they would be watching how K-Rod was used this year, essentially firing a shot across the Mets’ bow that they would pounce – i.e. sue – if the Mets seemed to be limiting his closer appearances simply to avoid the payout, and given the paucity of effective Met arms, plus the effectiveness of K-Rod (he has already appeared in 34 of the 55 required games and fared very well in them), it would have been very hard for them to justify giving someone else closer appearances over him if he is healthy, which he is. In Milwuakee, they already have Axford, who has been at least K-Rod’s equal since becoming the closer last year and so they can – and have publically declared that they will – rotate the two at closer, enabling them to buy out K-Rod’s option next year at just $3.5 mill instead of the whopping $17.5.

Not for ALL those prospects…I think we need to keep the Killer B’s but then again, the Yankees just ruin all their young pitchers anyways so what are the chances they even pan out. See Joba and Hughes.
I want to get rid of Montero already. If he was SO good, why the hell has he never even sniffed the Bronx.
I hate the way we baby the kids. If you aren’t going to use them, trade them. But probably not for Ubaldo.
Can you imagine the things I could do with that name in a game thread when he gives up 6 in 3 innings??? ;)

Apparently — and be prepared to be totally shocked — Heyman was wrong on this tweet. I know. Who could have guessed? Anyway, Olney says the Rockies and Yankees have not exchanged names. Still, I reiterate my firm belief that this is a deal Cashman should complete right now. And, if not him, then maybe Randy Levine could jump in and do it instead.

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