Transfer Madness

You think MLB's trading deadline is exciting, fun? Well, the transfer window for European footie closes today, and it's a doozie to follow. Sell-on clauses, buy-outs, renegotiations, etc., all these happen last-minute, with clubs literally offering their best players up for cold hard cash (John Henry's Liverpool may be in the process of receiving over $50M for their top striker, Fernando Torres). This even while teams are in contention for trophies and slots in prestigious tournaments – how do fans of these teams cope? It's quite a scene.

Follow it here.

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Wow, looks like Liverpool is about to sell Torres and plow that cash right back into the purchases of Andy Carroll and Charlie Adam, and they may still be net positive cash-wise (which will help pay for this weekend’s purchase of Suarez). So three players for the sale of one.
The Carroll purchase is rumored to be for a massive sum and this will surely come under fire, but if you look at the entirety of the acquisitions Liverpool looks to have improved themselves at not much cost. The question will be whether they maximized the value of their assets and cash. It’s a good question.

Actually, there may be no chance they are cash positive once you combine those three purchases.
Anyone have website that tells us the WAR for footballers!?!?!

I can’t get into it. Really, I just can’t.
It’s literally the most boring thing I’ve ever tried to follow. I actually had a kid that lived in my dorm in college that was on the flippin Playstation game, and I couldn’t get into it then either.
Hopefully this doesn’t come off as the “ugly, unsophisticated American”. I just don’t get it.

Brad – your comment is funny, especially coming from a massive baseball fan, a game where action can be mostly tedious, marred by ridiculous stall tactics, and has no clock.
And I say the above as a baseball lover. Soccer can be sublime, totally, but I can understand why people don’t universally love it.
This goal, though, can’t be described, needs to be watched. Players like Messi are watchable, under any circumstance, even when they don’t score.

Chelsea fans are very quick to point out that this insane success is very recent and they grew up rooting for a team that was quite the scrappy underddog. Meanwhile, I’ve been told to root for Arsenal since they’re exciting but not obnoxious and Manchester is off limits, Liverpool is owned by Henry now, and I can’t remember the rest of the teams. The amazing thing to me is how much these guys play, especially during a world cup year.

Tottenham Hotspur is known, to an extent, as the Jewish team (it has a big jewish following) and is also the club of one of the best young players in all of the UK, a welsh chap named Gareth Bale. They and Arsenal have a Sox-Yanks-type rivalry.
I am a Gunner fan, randomly. I latched onto them about 12 years ago as one of my new NYC friends was an Arsenal rooter, so it was convenient and showed camaraderie. He’s still a friend, and I still root for Arsenal.

My parents live outside of London so I’ve been to 3 or 4 Arsenal matches. Premiere League games aren’t nearly as exciting as the World Cup, but they’re still fun to be at.
The only negative is how often the players take dives. That gets old quickly.

I never really got into Soccer except for the World Cup…I get stuck watching a lot of British shows and movies as my wife loves all things England after spending some time there for college…long story short did you ever see Green Street Houligans (I think it’s called)? Crazy movie involving soccer in England.

Haven’t seen it John. A couple of soccer-related media –
Bill Buford’s “Among the Thugs”, a memoir about time Buford (a journalist) spent “becoming” a soccer hooligan – it’s fascinating. And the film “The Damned United”, which I think any sports fan would like – about legendary manager Brian Clough. Fantastic acting, writing, and based on a true story. Streams on Netflix so easy to access – highly recommended.

If you want to a watch a movie about soccer holigans, try ‘The football Factory’and if you want to see some real soccer holigans, try a series from the star of the movie called the ‘Real Footbal Factories’ he made 2 series of the show, the first following British teams and the second he went around the world meeting hardcore firms

I can recomend ‘The Damned United’, its a great movie and very close to the true story.
Both Brian Clough and his rival Don Reeve, were both born in the same street in Middlesbrough, which is only a couple of miles south of were I live

Yeah I am not sure as to the legitimacy of GSH, I just thought it was a cool movie. It could be as off target as Major League was about baseball for all that I know.

I havent seen Green Street John, I will check it I new it had Elijah Wood in it, but never got around to watching it, Another good movie is called ‘The Firm’ it follows a group of West Ham hooligans like Green Street does

Just read on Deadspin how this guy changed his name to (Fernando?) Torres, then he gets traded/sold to another team…yikes! I am changing my name to Rafael Soriano, he seems to be a lifer. Right? ;)

Brad – Buster, Sherman, and Kepner all tweeting/confirming the same story. Story is Pettitte called Hal and told him he was retiring, Sherman said it happened yesterday.

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