Trot too Hot

Boston’s outfielder praised Rodriguez’s playing ability but said New York’s third baseman wasn’t the "Yankee type." "I don’t look at him as that. He might be in a lot of people’s eyes," Nixon said. "He’s done some great things on the field. He’s one of the best baseball players in the game and probably will be when it’s all said and done.

"But when people ask me about the Yankees, I tell them about (Derek) Jeter and Bernie Williams and (Jorge) Posada. I don’t tell them about Rodriguez. … He can’t stand up to Jeter in my book or Bernie Williams or Posada."

Trot Nixon goes off.  Not sure he’d get too much argument on this one, even from most Yankees fans.   Click through for all the snippy snappy goodness.  As for some of Trot’s other comments, I don’t know if A-Rod is a deadbeat dad or not, but Soxbaby Isaac sure didn’t get a limo ride to school at the age of 6 weeks – he was too busy running stairs. 

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  • Y’know, normally, I’d be ready to rail on hayseed Trot for comments like that, but…ARod’s slap was truly beyond lame, and it’s true that he hasn’t yet found a way into the hearts of us Yanks fans as have Jeets, Bernie, Jorgie, Mo, et. al. And it doesn’t all have to do with the rings, either. I mean, I go to the stadium this season, I’m more psyched to see Tino pinch hit than ARod do his normal, admittedly amazing, thing. Maybe this season will see a transformation in ARod. Maybe he’ll wake up and realize that the pinstripes were always bigger than Ruth, DiMaggio, Mantle, Rocket, and they’re bigger than him, too.
    Shyeah. And maybe monkeys’ll fly out of my butt…

    Spidey February 16, 2005, 2:02 pm
  • I dunno why Trot would start a whole bunch of crap. So wat if A-Rod might not be the “yankee type”. But thats wat he’s saying now but watch. Sooner or later A-Rod will prove dat he’s a true Yankee. Trot better not say anything about A-Rod’s family cause when he goes dat far, he looks like a big baby.

    Yankeefan4life February 23, 2005, 5:47 pm

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