Trouble in Paradise (Or is that the sushi talking?)

News today that Torre is dropping Kenny Lofton to the 9 slot after his poor spring performance, and that Mr. Lofton (“I am a leadoff hitter. That’s all I can say”) is not at all pleased by this prospect. So what will the Yankee line up be? Jeter, Matsui, A-Rod, Giambi, Sheffield, Posada, Sierra, Wilson, Lofton? We like Giambi, the lefty, sandwiched between A-Rod and Sheff. But he might even be better, given that OBP, in the 3 slot. As it stands, the Yanks have a lot of strikeouts at the top of the order.

He’s no Karnak Dept: The NY Post’s George King predicts a 115 win season for the Yankees in the tabloid’s baseball preview today. Elsewhere, a more rational Kevin Kernan picks the Sox as AL East division winners. So much for hometown boosterism….

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  • Hey, you can call it “paradise”. I call it “the third plane”…

    SF March 29, 2004, 11:35 am

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