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Try It Again: Rays-Sox Gamer XVI

The Sox and Rays go for it again. And because hope never dies, it's worth mentioning the Sox have an opportunity to gain a game on the Yankees today. Josh Beckett looks to get back on track against Wade Davis, making his second Major League start after a sterling debut. Comment away!

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Game’s underway. One inning, no homers or runs allowed for Beckett, and he needs only 7 pitches. Keep it up, Josh!

Varitek is the Sox’ most maddening hitter. The Sox are destroying Davis, he has no command at all, and Tek swings at the first pitch and pops out. Good grief.
GONZO!!! Three-run double!!!!

I’d be concerned that they get through the top of the 5th, but most of the concern has otherwise evaporated with A-Gon’s bases-clearing double.

(and you’re probably more likely to be out)

Wow – TB is on the express train to nowhere. And looks like the Sox have all but clinched the wc. Still curious to see if Texas can make a run at LAA given the latter’s tough schedule, but if tonight indicates that Beckett is back in form and if Dice-K returns strong next week then the Sox – notwithstanding the hand-wringing they’ve caused some of their fanbase lately – would be in nice shape heading into October.

Be a great night to call a game, give the BP one more day of rest before a doubleheader.
Tomorrow’s supposed to be a pretty nice day, says

Texas down 8-3 after 8. Ichiro 2 hits shy of his record ninth consecutive 200-hit season. He’ll bat once more (barring an offensive explosion). also says it’s gonna be ugly the rest of the night, seems like. I’d be pretty surprised if they start again (or for long, anyway).

Texas loses the rain-shortened contest. 3 up. 22 to play.
Rays have lost 9 in a row. Let’s make this one go to 11.

Ha ha ha, the one thing missing was beating Garza, and while a beatdown would have been nice, Pedroia hitting a tie-breaking 2-run homer to right (has he hit one that way in Fenway before?) in the 8th is pretty cool.

Thanks, pbe. Opposite-field right-handed in YS is almost expected, amirite?
Papelbon, make this easy, please.

All right! TB have lost 10 in a row, and that is great. Beat them one more time! (The season series would be tied…right?)

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