Turnabout: CWS vs. BOS Gamer II

The White Sox won a series against the Red Sox at Stupid Corporate Name Field earlier this year. Now the men in red have a chance to give ’em what for. Peavy faces his former 2013 club as Danks takes the mound in opposition.

Also, hope you keep enjoying your west coast swing, Rays. Don’t worry, you get a day off at the end of it. And then 20 in a row to finish the season with plenty of travel. So nice to see that not be the Sox for once in September. Magic # is 25. Sox have 26 to play with four off-days mixed in. Rays have 29 to play with one off-day and are 3.5 back (2 in the loss). O’s and Yanks are 7.5 and 8.0 back respectively. Not even close to locked down, but starting to sound distinctly possible. September has been cruel to the Sox the last couple years, but never mind that, there’s still a game left in August.

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