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Turning Point! Yanks-Braves Gamer III

Sure, why not? Pettitte goes to the mound to face super-villain Derek Lowe, who has already given up two runs including a blast from ARod. Comment away.

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I threw on the ARod jersey today…hoping it would bring him some sort of baseball ability and WHAM…HR. Nice.
I haven’t worn it in weeks…guess it was my fault.

2-1. here we go. we f-cking still suck. I knew it was too good to be true. Great job Andy you piece of garbage. Oh, and great arm Damon…not.

It was called an error??? I had forgotten how much I hate Atlanta…now I remember. Their announcers are a joke and now the official scorer too.

Should this signal a prolonged offensive surge for the Yanks, let the record show that Francisco Cervelli led the way with the first HR of his ML career last night. Love that guy.

Gardner pops out to foul ground…this is more like the Yankees. Waste a 1st and 3rd with no f-cking outs.
Can Ransom come through???

Agreed IH…Cervelli brings it. Love his enthusiasm!!! Great behind the plate and can knock the ball around…
Color krueg happy. :)

Patented Yankee pitching meltdown…2 runs in and 1st and 2nd with no outs. Stupid Pettitte hit the guy on an 0-2 count. He looks like complete crap…

WTP for that no-name braves player…1st and 3rd with 1 out. Come on Andy, try REALLY REALLY hard to remember when you were good 10 years ago and try and summon that ability??? Please???

Incredulous as I watch this unfold. Can not even comment until this inning ends. If it ever will…

Get kicked in the balls by the Braves…do we come back next inning and answer the bell??? Of course not. This team has ZERO heart or testicular fortitude. NONE!!!!
So now you let the Braves right back in the game with a GIGANTIC inning, then go down like a freshman on prom night the next inning…AWESOME!

So let me get this straight…2 outs, you walk the next guy, cannot throw a f-cking strike and then give up a double. 2nd and 3rd, 2 outs.
I was just telling my wife that Ace is the only guy I trust out of the bullpen. Figures.
(as I was bitching, Ace got a pop out…SCIENCE BE PRAISED!!!)

DP…science be praised. This game should not be close. I should not be this pissed after we score 8 f-cking runs in 4 innings…

Some idiot in the crowd yelling about the Sox??? How pathetic a person are you if, as a SF, you go to a Yankee game just to cheer against the Yankees??? Really, really sad…

Flusher WEAKLY grounds to 1st on the first f-cking pitch…gets Tex thrown out at home, safe at 1st. YOU ARE WORTHLESS FLUSHER YOU LOSER!!!
Gardner up now with bases still loaded…

victory…i can sleep well tonight for once. finally won a series. although it was rather tight for a game that should have been a f-cking blowout.

they really went to the artist formally know as mo for the save there? i know he hasn’t pitched in forever, but that’s a cheap one mr girardi.

Anyone else wants to chip in for medication for krueg? ;P
I’m glad I didn’t watch this game though, this sounds like the “typical” game where I would be pretty upset..

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