Turning It Around: Yanks-Indians Gamer I

I’m not sure why, but I’m not panicking yet. The Bombers have lost four in a row, Sheff and Matsui are gone until September, Jeter and Giambi are dinged up, the second most reliable starter on the staff is Jaret Wright, and the Mets are the toast of the town. It could be because I remember last year when the Yanks truly looked dead in the water in May. And it could be because the Sox are only one game ahead and are having comparable (if not worse) pitching issues. I don’t know. Maybe it’s the California sun or my sense that A-Rod is due for a break-out.

Anyway, tonight, the Yanks begin a 3-game series against the disappointing Cleveland Indians, a team filled with great young offensive talent. You could argue that Travis Hafner has supplanted David Ortiz as the best DH in the AL, and you’d be right. You could also argue that he’s  having the best offensive year by any player in the AL, and, again, you’d be right. He leads a line-up that’s either feast or famine. And that’s been one of the many problems for the Tribe this year. They can score runs, but they haven’t been able to distribute those runs evenly, so that they’ll win a game 15-5 one night, and the next three games they’ll lose 4-2, 6-1, 3-1. The Yanks hope to face the punch-less version of the Cleveland line-up. Chien-Ming Wang, who’s shown flashes of brilliance and flashes of Scott Erickson, goes for the Bombers, while Cleveland sends out Paul Byrd. Comment away!

Update: New Nick-YF Gamer Feature:

Predicted Star of the Game: Alex Rodriguez, 3-5, 1 hr, 2b, 4rbi

Predicted First Curtain Call: 3rd inning, A-Rod homer

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  • Jeter’s at short, KT in RF, Phillips is at 1st and Bernie is DHing. I guess Giambi’s still sore.

    Nick-YF June 13, 2006, 6:44 pm
  • ARod with a juggling act on a popup to start it off. Close call there.

    yankeemonkey June 13, 2006, 7:11 pm
  • Damon walks to start the first

    Nick-YF June 13, 2006, 7:21 pm
  • Followed by a single from Blake, a spectacular catch by Melky on Hafner, and a swinging K to Martinez.
    Johnny D leads off with a walk for the Yanks.

    yankeemonkey June 13, 2006, 7:22 pm
  • Melky reaches on a FC, Damon out at 2nd by a hair.

    yankeemonkey June 13, 2006, 7:24 pm
  • bases load, 2 outs for Cano

    Nick-YF June 13, 2006, 7:34 pm
  • C’mon Cano!

    walein June 13, 2006, 7:35 pm
  • and the Yanks blow an early chance. Crapola.

    Nick-YF June 13, 2006, 7:36 pm
  • Old Man Bernie slugs a ground rule double.

    Nick-YF June 13, 2006, 7:46 pm
  • Phillips grounds out to short and then KT looks at a called third strike. Bernie remains on second with 2 outs and Damon up.

    Nick-YF June 13, 2006, 7:49 pm
  • Grrr. Damon gets out. No runs. Another baserunner stranded.

    Nick-YF June 13, 2006, 7:50 pm
  • Aaron F-in’ Boone leads off the Indians thrid with a single to center. Let’s see if Wang can handle baserunners.

    Nick-YF June 13, 2006, 7:54 pm
  • “You could argue that Travis Hafner has supplanted David Ortiz as the best DH in the AL, and you’d be right.”
    Numbers be damned, when Travis Hafner is hitting three run HR’s with two outs in the bottom of the ninth with his team down by two runs–to put said team in sole possession of first place!!!!–then we can talk.

    MJL in L.A. June 13, 2006, 8:00 pm
  • Sox fans are followers of Theo and his band of ivy-league Saber-warriors until the matter of Ortiz comes up.

    Nick-YF June 13, 2006, 8:08 pm
  • What can you say about Ortiz? His greatness is a mathematical anomaly, in contradiction of all the laws of Newton, Ptolemy and Bill James.

    MJL in L.A. June 13, 2006, 8:12 pm
  • It’s like us Yanks fans with Jeter. To hell with the defensive stats!

    Nick-YF June 13, 2006, 8:13 pm
  • FYI: not to troll, but Johan Santana has whiffed the first 5 guys in the Sox’ order to start the game.

    SF June 13, 2006, 8:33 pm
  • I don’t care whose on the DL, we can’t hit Paul Bird? A run? Two runs maybe?

    walein June 13, 2006, 8:44 pm
  • Wang’s doing his job. Time for the hitters to step up.

    Nick-YF June 13, 2006, 8:48 pm
  • I know that Paul Bird was once called the “Walter Johnson of baseball” but that only happened in a terrible nightmare I had back when I was 5 years old.

    walein June 13, 2006, 8:50 pm
  • Cano answers the call! Homer to right to grab the 1-0 lead!!!!

    Nick-YF June 13, 2006, 8:53 pm
  • Cano!!!! Sweet.
    As for A-Rod – I’m getting sick of all the abuse this guy attracts. He’s one of the best offensive players in the history of baseball. If the Sox had traded for him, which they would have if John Henry wasn’t so cheap, RSN would be in love with the guy. He’s a legend in the making and we should be grateful that he’s in our team, streak or slump.

    Sam June 13, 2006, 8:54 pm
  • Oh, Sam, please. Sox fans are not the ones sitting in Yankee Stadium on a daily basis booing the guy and cheering when he gets hit by a pitch. Spare us the sanctimony: you YFs are as much on his case, if not more, than we are.

    SF June 13, 2006, 8:56 pm
  • I was making two points, SF: I’m sick of EVERYONE giving the guy a hard time, YFs included. That’s point one.
    The second point is that he is clearly the RSN’s most hated Yankee – my boss even has a framed photo of Tek hitting A-Rod in his office – but that could all have been so different, and perhaps SFs should recognize that. (on a side note – imagine Manny as a Texas Ranger…*shudder*)

    Sam June 13, 2006, 9:04 pm
  • Really, Sam? Where do you make that first point, exactly? You mention us Sox fans, but where do you call out YFs? Or is there some sort of code I am supposed to recognize?

    SF June 13, 2006, 9:07 pm
  • “we should be grateful”
    I guess this is what you mean? If so, I understand. But the comment is basically RSN-centric, structurally, so you have to understand why I responded that way.

    SF June 13, 2006, 9:09 pm
  • It doesn’t make sense to me. Mo to face the last batter in this inning?

    walein June 13, 2006, 9:17 pm
  • Yeah, the “all the abuse” and “we should be grateful” comments were aimed at YFs for the most part, SF. The rest at you lot. It’s been a long day and come one, it’s not like I’m an editor or anything…
    Meanwhile – Nice outing by Wang.
    Meanwhile (pt 2) – what the heck is in Santana’s Kool Aid today??

    Sam June 13, 2006, 9:20 pm
  • I realize that Mo coming in for a inning and a third is ok and I understand that you’ve gotten Myers for this reason alone (to face lefties), but is Wang to be held at some kind of 90 pitch count all season? Is that the deal?

    walein June 13, 2006, 9:21 pm
  • I guess I don’t understand why we SFs have to “like” A-Rod, or say how great we think he is all the time. I mean, I have said how great a player I think he is, many times on this site and in conversations. I picked him for MVP this year (silly me…). But once that’s done with, why else should I continue to tout his abilities in the context of the rivalry? He’s a bloody Yankee, for heck’s sake.

    SF June 13, 2006, 9:23 pm
  • Cue the “Psyco” sountrack.

    walein June 13, 2006, 9:25 pm
  • Farnsworth gets the out. Can we give him a curtain call?

    walein June 13, 2006, 9:26 pm
  • Walein: Definitely.
    Mo in the 9th then?
    You shouldn’t be an A-Rod cheerleader, SF, but I still find it ridiculous the abuse that a player of his stature gets. Not the slappy-blue-lips type abuse, but the mocking of his abilities and mental fortitude.
    And right on cue, he hears the boos.

    Sam June 13, 2006, 9:28 pm
  • Sam–Hope Mo comes out…otherwise why make the big bullpen moves?
    I think both Sam and SF are sort of agreing on things for the most part. But Sam, if you make 25 million a year to play baseball you need to grow some thick skin because people will expect you to do alot.
    One of the statements that used to always come out of Texas, every year, every time Rodriguez “slumped”, was that he could “carry the team on his bat.” Yankee fans have yet to see that and for 25 million dollars there isn’t a one of us that wouldn’t love to see that.
    And we would all still say “Better fkucing carry the team!”
    Also, SF doesn’t need to be an A Rod supporter, especially because Alex Rodriguez was going to go to the Sox before the ‘debacle’ and also because he now plays on the only truly rival team.
    That being said…Can’t he get a hit against the immortal Paul Byrd?

    Anonymous June 13, 2006, 9:40 pm
  • Well done Mo. Well done Torre.

    walein June 13, 2006, 9:41 pm
  • Yanks 1, Cleve 0.

    walein June 13, 2006, 9:42 pm
  • Mariano Rivera: Greatest Reliever Ever!
    lessons learned:
    I suck at the sooth.
    Wang’s ERA is down to 4.15, and suddenly he’s looking like the #2 guy.
    Is Robbie Cano carrying this team offensively.
    This crappy farm system does it again.

    Nick-YF June 13, 2006, 9:43 pm
  • I broadly agree, Anon. What bothers me most is that the abuse has got to the point where people talk about him as if he’s Tony Woe-mack. He’s having a rough patch but his ability should be respected. But anyways.
    Nice win by the Yanks. Now let’s see if the Twinkies can give Santana the W he deserves…

    Sam June 13, 2006, 9:43 pm
  • That’s true Sam. The handling of A Rod’s slump is a bit ridiculous. I’m just waiting for the Post to have a color insert voodoo A Rod picture.

    walein June 13, 2006, 9:58 pm

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