Ungrateful Expectations

Read this thoughtful, insightful, provoking piece by Jason Whitlock @WhitlockJason. It perfectly encapsulates my sentiments about sports right now. I don’t have any emotion in me regarding the Yankees’ utter offensive collapse in the ALCS. But for three games, the Yankee pitchers put on a great show for the faithful. I will reflect awhile before I post about the Bombers again, and in the meantime enjoy the Serious as a supportive outlier, rooting for the Tigers in the interest of domestic harmony. And because Jim Leyland is completely my flavor of vodka.

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Gotta pull for the AL in the WS…always…unless it’s Tampa or Boston.

We won the AL East, best record in the AL, got out of the first round for once…all-in-all, really more than I expected.

Losing to the O’s would have been humiliating so at least that didn’t happen. Unfortunately, I think this is the end of the good years we had with Jeter/Mo/Andy/etc. Unless some ridiculous trades are made, we could be in for a few years of non-playoff bullshit seasons.


so, i was sitting around with a few friend’s at another friends house on saturday watching a college football game…one of the group is a self-proclaimed expert in everything, a real man of genius [if i may borrow from a beer commercial], an accomplished man of adventure, and [if i may borrow from another beer commercial] the most interesting man in the world…you all know one of these guys, non-stop talker, knows everything about nothing, and nothing about everything…for about the 15th time by various folks in the group i was asked “what happened to your yankees?], a fair question, but one that was becoming a bit tiring…anyway when the genius asked me, i said, you know, the fatal flaw with this yankee team is their inability to steal first base…in fact, it’s a lost art, and with so much reliance on hitting, in the yankees’ case, hitting homeruns, you just don’t see that play anymore…i wonder why…the genius said i was right, and the last time he saw it was by a guy named boots boomgarden…apparently he played some form of organized ball with boots years ago, and hasn’t seen the play since then…the guy next to him, who does know baseball, just about lost it, and had to go in the other room so he wouldn’t pee his pants…are you listening brian cashman?…sign boots…championship!!!

People that know me know to tread carefully when it comes to the Yankees.

It usually only takes an angry look to get them to change the subject.


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