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Unpleasant Thought

“I have one year left.  I might call it over.” — Mariano Rivera, quoted by George King in the Post.

I prefer to remain in denial regarding the inevitability that there is a day coming relatively soon when Mo will no longer pitch for the Yankees ever again.

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He obviously still has a passion for the game since he has basically had pretty much the same routine for the last 25+ years. Prep for the season during the off-season, spring training, long season, then start all over again. It is very commendable that he hasn’t lost interest for it. At some point you would have to think he get to that point where he says “it is time to start the off season routine, do I really want to do this again?”.
Hell, I’ve had 4 career changes and 6 different jobs in the last 15 years!

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