Update: Wright to O’s for Britton

The Baltimore Sun reports that the Yanks will get Chris Britton in exchange for Jaret Wright and $4 million, the cost required to buy out his contract. [Note: We thought the exercise clause for Wright was $3 million—we assume that the O’s will now pay this figure]. Britton is a 23-year-old reliever who had a nice rookie season last year, posting a 3.35 era with 41ks in 53 ip and 17 walks. He did a good job of keeping the ball in the park, allowing but 4 dingers. That’s not bad, especially at Camden Yards. Still, he’s no K machine, and the walk rate is not going to do much for Joe Torre’s stomach. Also, the kid weighs 275 pounds. This seems to be a Yankee prospect trend: Humberto Sanchez, Joba Chamberlain, and several others seem to have trouble stepping back from the buffet table. Anyway, not a bad trade for the Yanks. But, um, does this mean Pavano starts next season? Does Cash know something about the Matsuzaka posting bonanza he ain’t telling? Hmmm.

Hat tip to WasWatching for the link.

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  • Just a note about how nicely the Yankee pen is shaping up, at least with young righthanded arms. As it stands:
    Starters a bit harder to project.

    YF November 12, 2006, 12:48 pm
  • Phil Hughes has arrived… ? hehe would be interesting. I don’t know anything about him though..

    Lar November 12, 2006, 1:07 pm

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