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Verlander! Sox-Tigers ALCS Gamer III

Verlander is not invincible, and is probably the 3rd-best starter on Detroit right now, but he is a potent weapon and usually doesn’t budge in the postseason until the World Series, where he has let down significantly at times. But we’re in the ALCS…and we’re counting on a John Lackey who has stumbled mightily in his last few starts.

A win for the Red Sox would guarantee that, at worst, the series go back to Fenway. If the Tigers run the table in Detroit, Boston’s dream dies. This is a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig game. Comment away.

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Actually, Verlander has something of a history of playoff choking…though I’d ascribe it to statistical variation rather than bad mental makeup. In his last 6 postseason starts, though (since 2012), he sucked once against San Fran but beat the crap out of Oakland and the Yankees. He’s had significant clunkers every year he’s made the playoffs and not just in the WS…but definitely that’s where the hardest chokes have come. This might be the year he puts it all together.

Think Verlander’s PC went from 9 to 34 in that inning, so not a total waste.

Some technical fuck, lost the picture for a couple of innings. Back now.

Fucking Peralta with a double.

Verlander has thrown to first about 27 times and Ells gets to second on a wild pitch.

Verlander 112…pitches 8th till baserunner if score stays same? Lackey at 88…till baserunner in 7th, then Taz/Bres followed by Koji? Fuck I’m stressed with this pitching duel.

Breslow escapes the mini-jam. Pitching insanity. My heart is pounding like crazy.

Much as I usually hate it,here a bunt along the third base line would have been nice. With the shift and a hobbling Cabrera that would have been interesting.

Can we now have a conventional 6-2 win tomorrow? Preferably without falling behind …

Haha, Verlander the “cover” photo of the AtBat game summary on phone…think you might consider changing that one, MLB.

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