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Our postseason award picks, including who will win, the runners-up, and who we think should win.


AL MVP: Guerrero. RU: Ortiz (not Ramon, mind you). WSW: Guerrero
AL ROY: Bobby Crosby. RU: Youkilis (not that there’s even a good second place pick, what a dearth of youngsters this year). WSW: Crosby
AL CY: Santana RU: Schilling. WSW: Santana
AL MOY: Showalter. RU: Scoscia. WSW: Torre

NL MVP: Bonds. RU: Pujols. WSW: Greg Anderson, er, Bonds.
NL ROY: Who the hell knows. Jason Bay? RU: Khalil Green. WSW: I’ll stick with Bay, since I am having a hard time naming more than these two guys…
NL CY: Clemens. RU: Johnson WSW: Johnson
NL MOY: Cox. RU: LaRussa. WSW: The award goes to the man wearing the wifebeater, Mr. Cox.


AL Co-MVPs: Manny & Vlad (we can’t choose)
AL CY: Santana. RU: Rivera. WSW: Santana
AL Rookie: Crosby. RU: Ford. (screw the rules!)
AL Man: Showalter. RU: Gardenhire. WSW:Torre

NL MVP: Bonds; RU: Pujols; WSW: Barry
NL Cy: Unit. RU: Rocket. WSW: Sheets
NL Rookie: Green. RU: Bay.
NL Man: Cox. RU: LaRussa. WSW: Bochy

For reference, SF’s preseason picks:

AL MVP: Schilling (damn that postseason not being a part of the voting!)
AL CY: Schilling (damn that Santana!)
AL ROY: Mauer (damn those injuries!)
AL MOY: Scoscia – (could be? if not, damn that self-promoter Showalter!)

NL MVP: Pujols (not a bad pick, but Barry is just too good, and at +40 no less!)
NL CY: Oswalt (this was a sleeper pick, probably not good enough this year, though really close)
NL ROY: Edwin Jackson (ugh, did he even play?)
NL MOY: Baker (suckered by the pitching staff, I thought this was going to be a good year all around for the Cubs. Instead, injuries and a non-medicated Sammy Sosa took care of this possibility).

And let’s not forget my best prediction of all: SOX WORLD CHAMPS!!!!!!!

For the record, YF’s preseason picks:

AL MVP: Delgado [In his free agent year. What happened!?]
NL MVP: Pujols [Thought Barry might be getting fragile—hah!]
AL CY: Martinez [In his free agent year. A fading genius?]
NL CY: Prior
AL Rookie: Mauer, Min (Darkhorse: Crosby, Oak) [close here]
NL Rookie: Matsui, NYM (Darkhorse: LaRoche, Atl)
AL Man: Francona [wins the WS for the Sox and still not going to get this!]
NL Man: Alou [A little more help for Barry next year…PLEASE!]

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  • I would check to see if Lew Ford is a rookie – indicates he’s in his second year, but they could be wrong. He certainly didn’t have enough plate appearances last year, but his daily service might unqualify him. Hard to root out.
    Edit: rooted out, from Lew himself in an internet chat —
    spinmom: Can you settle once and for all whether or not you are eligible for the Rookie of the Year award?
    Ford: I’m not eligible

    SF November 1, 2004, 8:40 am
  • Ah. Too bad for Ford. He was on my roto team and he kicked much butt. I was sorta hoping he would get some props. Mauer was also on my team, and yeah, injuries did him in.

    Spidey November 1, 2004, 4:17 pm
  • For the record, ESPN has Lew Ford listed as a rookie in it’s stats generator. Hence the confusion here.

    YF November 1, 2004, 4:34 pm

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