Vote Early? Often?

Is it too early to take our shot at the post-season awards? Seeing as we were willing to go out on a limb before the season and make our prognostications with 162 to go, it seems that with 10 left we ought to be able to do the same. Do we really place so much value in these last 10 games that an MVP or a Cy Young can be determined by just this last week? Or do we reserve the right to make our picks based on just that: how someone performs down the stretch? Are games more valuable now?

My vote, in keeping with my thoughts on assessing value, is to wait – one cannot judge until the full results are in, and that includes the results of the team as a whole.

What sayeth YF? Picks now, or apres finale?

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No reason to jump the gun here. You never know what heroics await down the final stretch. But one thing’s for sure: Mr. 700 will have my vote for NL MVP.

Preemption seems to be in vogue these days, so I’m gonna offer up the following:
AL MVP: As much as I’d like to say Sheff, I think it’s Ortiz. Manny certainly has MVP-worthy numbers, but Ortiz’s are almost identical, and he’s protecting Manny in the lineup (and has, I guess, Varitek not really protecting him).
AL Cy: Santana. Screw Schilling.
AL Rook: Lew Ford, OF, MIN. Solid part of the reason why the Twins will play in Oct.
AL Manager: Buck Showalter. Evidently, ARod was holding them back…
NL MVP: Uh, I think maybe the guy with the .600+OBP and the like 220BB probably deserves it, BALCO and body-armor be damned. I mean, .826SLG? 43HR in 350AB?? Different planet entirely.
NL Cy: Can a starting pitcher with a .500 winning pct. win the Cy? 280K, 2.72ERA, NO team around him…give it to Unit.
NL Rook: No clue.
NL Manager: Um, I’d give it Art Howe just because he seems like such a nice guy, and it also seems like he really got screwed by the Mets brass. I mean, it’s not his fault that he has to manage, um…y’know…the Mets.

AL MVP will probably go to Vlad as Manny and Ortiz will be too tough for voters to decide over and Sheff has slightly inferior numbers.

We’ve been through the mill on this one, but I can’t understand why YF wouldn’t go on the record with his picks now. The races are pretty much decided, we know, for the most part, who is going to the post-season (or who has a chance to go to the post-season), and those teams that still fight for the playoffs are bereft of marquee MVP candidates except for Vladdy (Bonds, YF is correct, is a lock). So why can’t he commit? And how can a single game’s heroics, or even a couple of games’ heroics, sway the MVP vote, based on his criteria as previously expressed? It seems blatantly unfair to award a player an MVP based on his last weeks’ accomplishments, by his own standards. Don’t the games in April count the same?

They call them the postseason awards for a reason. Does SF plan on completely closing up shop here at YFSF at the end of October until next March, or maybe should we leave something for the Hot Stove League? It seems we have bigger issues to talk about now.
And in any case, I do feel the last 2 weeks are relevant. Let’s face it: the 3 leading AL MVP candidates face off for 3 games against each other starting tonight. So, yes, those games could be a factor. In ten games, any of these three could have a moster tear that would either clinch the award or knock them out. (Not to mention what Vlad might do.) I don’t think this jibes with my MVP-as-POY position, but if you want to harp on it, feel free.
Finally, I just haven’t sat down to study all the numbers. That’s a big job, Check back in November,

There are two possible scenarios: the Sox crumble again, in which case I will be highly uninterested in talking/blogging about baseball, or the Sox win the World Series, in which case I can ride off into the baseball sunset, my dreams accomplished. Either way this site gets quiet come November, har har.

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