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Wandering in the Desert

For those of us who believe baseball is the only game, this is a pretty tough time of year. We are told that “pitchers and catchers have reported” in early February, and that “position players have arrived” soon after. Maybe we get a hit of oxygen in the form of a picture of John Lackey looking decidedly less fat but decidedly still douchey. But we are still weeks away from a game where the regulars will take one AB and then sit down for the next six innings, a month away from games where the regulars play…well, regularly, and a month and a half from the games that count. As a fan of the WBC , I at least have the luxury of watching “meaningful” baseball in the near future (if I can find a way to do this without cable, help me internet/MLB), but even for a person like me, that’s not REALLY baseball.

I note that krueg is stoked by the minimal baseball content we have been given this 2013 pre-season, but he also has hockey to keep him warm. How are you doing?

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I considered linking a picture of Lackey in here, but decided that was needlessly cruel to both SF and YF alike.

Well, I would certainly be much happier if the Sabres weren’t in last place. But I’ll take two wins over the Bruins, their only two loses of the season I might add, at this point…

My wife is really having a hard time with the whole Youkalis thing. I am also honestly excited for the first Spring Training game on YES next Sunday.

Until I watch how unwatchable it is.

Sabers have been a pain to my Bruins this year.

I am excited this year for the Sox. Not a lot of expectations, just play baseball and see how it plays out at the end of the season.

The Youk issue doesn’t bother me. I am happy that the guy gets to play baseball still.

Got to find some of that meteor spray.

I was THRILLED when they had the Sabres-Penguins game on NBC on Sunday afternoon. Loved. It. Of course Buffalo lost, but whatever. I was watching hockey.

We are god awful ag…although at least there was a solid effort last Sunday for you. Failure ultimately, but effort at least.

We are just a knat on rhino that is the B’s rob. Nothing more.

Bring on baseball!!!

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