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Wang To Sign With Nationals

According to MLB Trade Rumors, Wang has signed with the Washington Nationals.  I have never been a huge Wang fan, but when right he's a solid pitcher that can certainly help the Nationals.  Quietly the Nationals have put together a young, athletic, respectable team that their fan base should enjoy watching.  I can't imagine the Nationals are good enough to contend in 2010, but this is certainly the best team (on paper) that they've ever put on the field.    

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Dear lord, Wang deserves a better send off than that, krueg. Anyway, I suppose there is no accounting for taste but Wang was a pleasant surprise for the Yanks, the rare young pitcher in the system who was actually able to make a strong contribution as a starter. I wish these last couple of years had turned out better.

In 20 years nobody will really remember Wang, I don’t think, other than diehards, he’ll be the subject of conversations where the diehard explains about Wang’s statistical freakishness and everyone else says “oh yeah, I think I remember that guy, he was pretty good for a year or two”. That is what happens when you have a couple of good years against statistical odds and then disappear or get hurt.

“That is what happens when you have a couple of good years”
That’s all you needed to say. Wang didn’t defy statistical odds, in his good years he kept the ball on the ground and didn’t walk many. Strikeouts are most certainly not the only determinant of a pitcher’s success. He’ll always be remembered by Yankee fans of this era. Everyone else will rightly forget him.

Don’t disagree with you at all Andrew, but in the end pitchers like Wang, since he didn’t have panache of an ace or the ring of a champion or the longevity of a career guy or the personality of a true oddball, are mostly forgotten.

“Dear lord, Wang deserves a better send off than that, krueg”
Really? Why?
I watched him win 3 of his 19 games those couple years against the lowly Devil Rays getting 10 runs a game in support. The guy was soft and won ZERO big games that I can remember. When he was our “ace”, we won nothing.
I say again. Good riddance. Enjoy playing on a last place team Wanger. You suck. :)

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