Was It Over When the Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor?!

No! And it’ ain’t over now! Yes, the The Greatest Offense in History™ was blanked yesterday by second-rate Bomber reject who couldn’t make it in the Big Town. Blame it on the full moon. Fear not. The Yanks need only win two in a row against the JV from Detroit to move on, and the second will be at the home yard, before the home fans, who, you can be sure, will be as pumped and ready for battle as our good friend after the jump.


Let’s Go Yanks!

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  • Bluto: “My advice to you is to start drinking heavily.”
    He’s pre-med, so I’d better to listen to him. Game on.

    attackgerbil October 7, 2006, 11:40 am
  • “blanked yesterday by second-rate Bomber reject”
    I’ve got to say, Mr. Rogers sure seemed first-rate compared to the Big Eunuch.

    AJW October 7, 2006, 12:16 pm
  • ummm is there some hidden emaning in this thread title? Cause when did the Germans bomb Pearl Harbor. I’ll save any further comments until I see a repsonse. :P

    TJ October 7, 2006, 8:18 pm
  • …well tj, i’d suggest you save any further comments until your team can compete at all…3rd place ain’t nuthin to brag about…
    …guess what ajw, rogers got lucky…he was always a good pitcher, but he choked in ny…happens to the best of them [see: arod, vasquez, knoblach, brown, pavano, et al]

    dc October 7, 2006, 9:57 pm
  • DC = on a rampage.
    You’d trade that performance for a third place save face every day of the week, my friend. Imagine how happy you’d be to NOT have to live through that!

    Brad October 7, 2006, 10:11 pm
  • …well, i just answered that question on “five good things”, but i’d rather make the playoffs and risk being embarrassed, then have my season over in august with a third place finish…your embarrassment simply came earlier in the season, but was no less humbling…if the tigers go on to win it all, and there can be no doubting that’s a possibility now, then we will have lost to the best team…bummer, but not like getting swept by KC, and finishing in 3rd…by the way, do last place finishers avoid embarrassment?…

    dc October 7, 2006, 10:31 pm
  • DC – you can try to make yourself feel better all you want, but my embarrassment comes from a team that couldn’t stay healthy in the second half, and choked away a series to NY when it could ill afford to. The Yankees on the other hand played great all year with a couple substitute players in the line up, and as soon as they got their chance to bench them, they did.
    In a true to form knucklhead move, Torre benched Giambi and batter A-Rod eigth, essentially leaving him for dead on the confidence table. Oh, and he did not start his only reliable pitcher in the elimination game. Need I go on discussing all of the things Yankee fans (and owners) should be embarrassed about.
    Basically, the team that you “survived without” all year, were the same ’05 Playoff Duds from the year before while the parts that got you there wilted on the bench for the playoff. Dude, Sheffield was playing first base on a team that has a twenty million dollar first baseman who was able to play but didn’t….
    Didn’t KC just sweep Detroit heading into that Yankee series? I was just curious, but I think so. Yep, sure did.
    Also, the A’s will hand it to Detrot I promise. Why? The pitching is better from start to finish, which is why the Yanks with all that money spent, and all-stars hired, and managers coaching first and third base, and blah, blah, blah , should be ashamed of themselves today. Not that they are, because outside of Jeter and Posada, I don’t get the feeling that that’s why they play the game anyhow.

    Brad October 7, 2006, 10:51 pm
  • …actually, i do feel better…i’ve already made peace with this loss and moved on…you on the other hand seem to be obsessed with trying to convince me that 3rd is better than 1st…uh, not gonna happen…it’s weak to use injuries as an excuse…your team was already folding before the worst of the injuries…as for torre’s moves, he deserves to get bashed…if those moves had worked, he’d be a hero, so he gets the bad with the good…in past successes, all we ever heard was how he presses all the right buttons, so, he pushed a few wrong ones, big deal…personally, i’m looking forward to the off-season to see how much george is willing to spend, does arod get traded, does rj retire, does torre get fired, that kind of thing, while your management will be pinching pennies, raising ticket prices, putting seats on the light poles, and cranking up the spin machine to try to convince you that all your youngsters have ml potential, a 2nd rate national league pitcher will be the reincarnation of cy young, and they really really did make a serious bid for zito, and to coax clemens into one more year…ho hum…

    dc October 7, 2006, 11:13 pm
  • wow, DC. My guess is that you would have loved to have that second rate pitcher today. Secondly, you can’t push the fire button on 120 million in one post, and then call them penny pinchers in the next one. Lastly, the light poles are too high in Fenway to put good seats there. Oh, I think out Youngsters did prove to have ML talent, and they proved it with some fine outings this year.
    Also, I wasn’t using the injury as an excuse – it’s fact. For two weeks this year, the Sox were missing more than five players from it’s normal nine position players – at once – including Manny and Ortiz. But, it’s here nor there. Maybe the Yanks spend another hundred million to end up right where they are now – closely associated with the Atlanta Braves of this decade.
    PS – you can have Zito. Take a look at his stats against the Sox and Yanks – not a great addition, and he never shows up until after the all-star break. A nice addition, sure, but not the deal breaker of the off-season if you ask me.

    Brad October 7, 2006, 11:26 pm
  • brad…i’m enjoying our sparring, but i got to sign off shortly…maybe we can pick it up again tomorrow…
    …my 120 million crack just meant that it was a lot to spend for 3rd place…do i think the sox are really penny pinchers, no, but they tend to be more frugal than the yanks, which is sometimes smart [pavano, contreras]…they have limits and they stick to them [arod]…for that i give them credit…it’d be easier to make fun of them if i knew they had enough money but simply choose not to spend more…i’ve felt that it may be an excuse…i’ve heard theo use it before…
    …no, i don’t need another 2nd rate pitcher…you keep yours and we’ll keep ours…actually, i was referring to a hypothetical pickup this coming off-season…
    …i don’t really want zito, but he seems to be the big deal the talking-heads are hyping right now…i’d rather try to see what some of our young arms can do…
    …yes, the yanks are starting to become the braves…i guess there are worse things than that…even the braves won one, i think…
    …i was kidding about the light-seats of course, but hmmm, let’s not give them any ideas…
    …the sox do have some good young talent, they may just have been rushed along, given the urgency…but, that baptism of fire may help them in the long run…
    finally, don’t trade manny…i like him right where he is…

    dc October 7, 2006, 11:41 pm

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