Washed Away

A lost weekend up in Boston meant no Lenny DiNardo, never a terrible thing. On the other hand, it also means numerous doubleheaders later in the season, including a possible 3 day, 5 game series with Texas next month.  At that point we may see more than just Lenny (John Lester for a cup of coffee anyone?).  The Sox are already in for an interesting schedule over the next 60 days, what with the 5 game Yankees tete-a-tete.  Should the weather in Boston continue to invoke visions of Noah our boys may be playing twinbills like it’s 1965.  Ernie Banks would be proud. 

(In better news, the Sox are back in first, through no work of their own)

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  • Just in case you haven’t seen this video yet:

    LocklandSF May 15, 2006, 10:42 am
  • At least the rain also washed away the ridiculous first-place argument between the Sox and Yanks (games played vs. percentage points). We’ve all played the same number of games, although look out: If the Sox and Yanks lose tonight and the Jays win, Toronto will be in first — by percentage points.
    I hate the All-Star Break, and this was worse. Two days off and no All-Star Game or home run derby to split them up or distract me. I’m very ready for baseball tonight!

    Paul A. May 15, 2006, 3:17 pm
  • I missed the Sox this past weekend, but having to live through this weather was worse. It’s just so depressing. It’s May. I should not be sutting here wearing fleece pants and two layers of long sleeves while I sniffle away due to a cold that came from nowhere. Although I hope it starts raining again on Memorial Day. I hate marching in the parades for school band. Okay, I’m done now. I just thought I’d share my misery.

    Laura May 15, 2006, 3:37 pm

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