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Watch the Ball, Dammit!: Sox-Tigers Gamer III


Is this a picture of:

A) Last night's home plate umpire
B) Any given player on the left side of the Red Sox' infield

You make the call. 

Chat about today's action in the Motor City here.

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I at a Seahawks preseason game a few years ago, and a very vocal (drunk) fan was lamenting the home team’s play. He was continually shouting – “our defense sucks!” – well, until he got kicked out for harrassing the “cheerleaders”…. that’s what I’ve felt about the sox’s defense lately. arg. they almost errored for the cycle!

So much for Phil Hughes going to the pen. Get ready to take AJ’s place against the Rays next week kid…
Burnett’s retaliatory pitch was definitely in the head area so I’m not totally upset by this, but it is interesting that no one – even the Texas batter he did it to – even blinked about it. Padilla had so clearly and egregiously targeted Teixeira in that game that the Texas hitters were just waiting to get their due and swallow their medicine…to mix metaphors.

AJ getting suspended is just as ridiculous as Beckett’s at the beginning of the season.
It’s part of the game, like fighting and hockey

Today marks the official one-third mark of the season with the game’s end. Lose and it’s a 93-win pace. Win and it’s 96. Go Sox; get the sweep!
Dontrelle looking fairly tough.

Answer: We have bad Wakefield today. Three straight hits to open the second, the last a 2-run double.

Loogie successfully handes the first ball hit his way.

Cabrera comes up lame.

I agree AJ getting suspended sucks, but at least Watson is keeping things fair with the precedent he set regarding Beckett’s head-shot.
Still, I agree with SF: it’s part of the game. No harm, no foul. Speaking of foul, why the hell wasn’t Kottaras sac-bunting there?

Kottaras Ks, Pedroia BBs.
I confess to worrying a bit about Drew up with them loaded and one down, even though I like him.

Youk walks, there’s another. Dontrelle losing the strike zone big time, not close.

No kidding Paul, I didn’t know there was a game until about 10 minutes ago. At least I have a meeting-free afternoon.
D-Train walks Youk. No-hitter still intact.

Oh shit, that really sucks. Glad I didn’t start him in my fantasy league this week.
And Cabrera leaves the game with an injury? Okay, this game should be ours to lose fellas.

Bay double, 4-3 Sox. From 3-run deficit to lead in five walks, a HBP, and a double (I think).

Every run is precious with Wake pitching, 5th one comes in on Lowell’s groundout.

Is anyone watching the game live? On Gameday, it looks like a lot of Willis’ pitches called for balls seemed veeeery close to being strikes.
Did Leyland get kicked out for that?

A quick glance at wikipedia says his middle name is Raymond, but I like Copernicus better.
I don’t know why Leyland was ejected, but I bet it was for that.

It confuses me that defensive metrics rate Ellsbury as average when he made running down that sure-fire double look easy. Maybe it’s how Abreu-like he is at plays near the wall?

That’s gotta be in Devine, because his range is fantastic. If only he weren’t so afraid to go into the wall…
The Abreu comparison is dead-on though. I didn’t see it until you mentioned it.

How the hell did the Sox play the Tiggers in a 3-game set and miss BOTH Verlander AND Jackson! Booo-urns!

Kotsay pinch-hitting for Youk? In the 4th inning?
I don’t like this one bit.

ha – missed holladay twice in the recent Toronto series as well!
anyone watching live – youk out cause of his ankle?
6 runs on 2 hits… that’s an odd box score

Thrown out, then a strikeout. 56 pitches after 4 innings for Wake; pretty damn good.

Err, it’s only 66 in Detroit right now. Maybe Baldelli just wants to speed the game along before he needs a nap.

Weird world when a Tek home run in a montage seems so much more plausible than a Papi one.

Oh, what a play by the Detroit SS to rob Ellsbury of a bloop single to left (his favorite kind).

As it sits, Wakefield has a quality start of the minimal kind (6 IP, 3 ER). He’ll see the start of 7th at least, though.

I skipped back and forth between games, so if they checked, it was a fairly quick check.

Hopefully he’ll pitched the 7th AND the 8th Devine; he’s only at 73 right now. I say keep him out there until he allows two baserunners.

I agree with you, Ath, though the loud out (and immediately following hard hit up the middle that Wake deflected to turn it into a DP) by the scrub is worrisome.

Wake removed after the double with 2 out in the 7th. I can see why, though I’d have just as soon given him one more batter.

Damn, Wake lifted after the double to Raburn. Since Masterson is rested I guess I have no problem with this.

Baldelli did also single in the Red Sox’ latest run, but yeah the GIDPs weren’t fun.

Does anyone else cringe when they hear “bases loaded, nobody out for Lugo”?

It’s a good thing we’re up 6-3, or that bases-loaded-with-nobody-out squander would have really stung.

Lugo’s only good fortune is that he can tell himself, when the boos inevitably and justifiably rain down on him, that they’re just emphasizing the first syllable in a stadium-wide chant of his last name.

And you know he does, too. “Hey, I’m just like Youkilis guys!”
Laird pinch-hitting. The Tigers need baserunners, how about you try bunting for a single big guy?

The rumors are true: our bullpen is awesome (don’t make me regret these words, Pap or whoever).

Radio guys are talking about Paps before the game giving a demo of some high end baby stroller/car seat/high chair. Sounds scary.

Why do you tempt the baseball gods, Devine?!?!
Seriously though, you’re right:
Masterson: 3.38 ERA (as a reliever)
Ramirez: 1.35
Okajima: 2.31
Delcarmen: 1.17
Papelbon: 2.35
Saito: 2.84
Bard: 1.04

For the record, those aren’t just the good pitchers: that’s every current member of the bullpen.
Drew has 4 walks today, for a June OPS of 1.238

Sorry, let me rephrase that: I’m very unhappy with you’re antagonism of the baseball Gods Devine, I’m very unhappy with you’re antagonism of the baseball Gods Devine, I’m very unhappy with you’re antagonism of the baseball Gods Devine.
Oh and look, the Yanks took the lead in the 8th. Peachy.

Hmm, can’t believe I said “you’re” instead of “your”. It’s been that kind of day so far.
Foul pop-up for out #2? ME GUSTA!

Victoire! Sweep on the road, scoring runs, against a division leader. Nice.
Pap laughs at the baseball gods.

I made things right by correcting myself! Polanco’s out just now proves that I successfully appeased them.
I’m surprised Lugo didn’t screw that play up. Two road wins in a row? I am pleased by this.

And that caps what had started as a crappy road trip.
The last time the Red Sox swept a series in Detroit was in September 1996, when Roger recorded his second 20K game.

Now if only Texas can beat Mo here, today would be truly, truly sweet. But that’s getting greedy, I know.

Oh, nice! Considering how well the Tigers have done lately I hadn’t been paying too much attention to the long-term success of the roadtrip. Back to sweet, sweet Fenway we go.

Mo gets the save after making Yankees fans sweat. Both of us stay tied for first.

Bill, I just saw someone on SoSH say that this is the first time they’re 10 above .500.

horse, i think you’re on the money. I just saw the incident now, and I think it’s clear that the message being sent is, “don’t throw at the head.” It’s what Watson was telling Beckett, too.
And, really, I don’t have a problem with that if it’s going to be consistent and if he suspends Joba the next time he throws at Youkilis.

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