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“We Don’t Have To Talk About It Because I Am Here”

But we will. Sweeny Murti and CBS NY have an article that has an audio clip from Mariano Rivera, discussing the very real offer that Boston proposed to bring Rivera to the Red Sox.

Personally, I think this is fantastic. Mariano Rivera, the greatest (insert many things pitching-related here) of all time, treats this line of questioning with the same alacrity as he does with everything on the mound. Hal said it earlier regarding Jeter, and Mo now echoes it regarding his relationship with the Yankees, “This is a business.”

And business is good.

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I would rather lose out on 50 Cliff Lees than have Mo end his career on a different team, especially on THAT team. How bizarre would it have been to have Mo jog out in a Sox uniform to face the Yanks in the bottom of the 9th in Yankee stadium – wretch….

I agree completely, IH. It tickles the hairs at the back of my neck that should Boston have offered “some”/”enough” more that he would have made “The Business Decision.” Mo can say it without getting vilified, because he is truly a singular, luminous player. I’m glad he said it, if only for it to rip some of the veneer off of the self-righteousness of fandom and the dry actuarial delivery when a Steinbrenner says it.

I wish we had signed Mo. Just because I really like him. The rest, the angst and pain of YFs, would have been simply a collateral benefit.

wish we had signed Mo.
I’ll pass on a 15M/year guy over 40 who, while pitching well, is pitching on borrowed time already. No offense, but he is the outlier.

clearly the sox are trying so hard to be like the yankees that they were willing to pay dearly to acquire a yankee legend…now if that ain’t ironic, i don’t know what is…what would his new entrance tune be?…”money can’t buy me love”?…”money”?

you replace the age with virtually any of his pitching statistics you would see that the Yanks got a fine deal here.
That’s why I said he’s the “outlier”. He is doing somthing right now that nobody else is doing, and very few have ever done Color me the skeptic, that’s all.

as in skeptical that he can continue the success?…of course, even the great mo, probably the one guy every yankee and sox fan can agree on, is bound to start to show the wear and tear of age and use sooner rather than later…not sure when, but a safe bet is “one of these days”…in the meantime, i’m enjoying watching one of the greatest at one he does maybe that any of us will see in our lifetime…he’s even made a metallica fan out of me [well, that one song anyway]…remember too, like jeter who signed over market, mo is a legacy signing for the yanks…that’s worth a few extra bucks…

I agree, but in terms of Boston having him, there is no legacy involved, thus, I’m not giving him that deal. But, all things being fair, you’re right.

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