We probably shouldn’t discuss any

We probably shouldn’t discuss any MVP-related items, since we can’t agree on what the award means or who it rewards. We have a fundamental difference of opinion on this one. In any case, and after second thoughts, the two leading candidates for MVP on the Sox are probably Nomar and Varitek. Manny is an offensive machine, but his production this year hasn’t been Delgado-esque, which is the only way I put him on the list since his defense and baserunning are below average at best – his value to the Sox is relatively one-dimensional, though large. Varitek is the most important emotional piece of the Red Sox, his defense goes beyond stealers caught, and his numbers from the 9-hole are astounding. It would be hard to find a more clutch player on the Sox. Nomar is just a flat-out great player, but as for value to the team this year I think he’s (just) behind JV. As for Pedro, with ANY run support or early-season bullpen he’d be about 15-3, and even Loaiza wouldn’t be in the Cy Young hunt. Also, he’d merit league-wide MVP consideration. We all know that Mussina was a better pitcher than Clemens two years ago, but records lie and ultimately fool…

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