We understand–if we can not

We understand–if we can not fully relate to–SF’s loss of spirit, but we sincerely hope that the decision to give up on the playoffs was a too-hasty reaction to last night’s result, perhaps compounded by lack of sleep. This series is far from done, and the victor is hardly determined. The A’s have their own first round demons. Stay tuned! Meanwhile… Squeeze! Baseball fans everywhere can thank the Sox and As for the best game of this young postseason, and–one suspects–a preview of more excitement from this series. Let’s face facts: the three other matchups have thus far been somewhat less than brill iantly played, and last night’s affair stood out in marked contrast. Today’s quick turnaround only makes things more interesting, as does this afternoon’s pitching matchup. Last night’s duel was about speed and control. With Zito and Wakefield, we’ll hav e giant hooks and knucklers. Both are capable of going deep into a game, and today they’ll have to. As for the events of last night, YF extends a hearty Big Ups to both misters Martinez and Hudson, neither of whom seemed in particularly top form but non etheless each left their fellows in an (unrealized) winning position. Kudos also to misters Walker and Durazo. And YF wishes SF a most happy birthday. We certainly know what he’s hoping for.

Posted by YF on 10/2/2003 11:33:47 AM