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It’s never a good idea to direct people away from the site.  That being said, a hop around the Sox blogosphere ought to include the always funny Soxaholix and the smoothly written Surviving Grady.  If you can stomach it, any Yankees blogroll ought to include the excellently collaborative Bronx Banter and Larry Mahnken’s continually thorough and enjoyably nitpicky Replacement Level Yankees site.

So go, wander, read up, and come home to YFSF asap.

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  • One of my favorite pastimes is reading yankee blogs after the red sox beat them. Or when they lose to the ’62 Mets, er Royals, like last night. Theres nothing quite like the combination of anger, fear, and resignation mixed with an overdone sense of entitlement that a good old fashioned @$$ kicking administered by the Boston nine begats.

    mattymatty June 1, 2005, 3:34 pm
  • Agreed Matty. Since I work crazy hours in Connecticut, I’m resigned to listening to the New York sports station (WFAN), and my favorite nights are those which the Yankees lose. It generally involves hours of listening to distraught Yankee fans dumping on the team, which I can never get enough of. There’s nothing better than listening to Yankee fans wonder how Boston is so good with players like Trot Nixon and Mark Bellhorn. How could any player not making 18mil per be good? The audacity of it all! I am sometimes tempted to call and actually respond to the lunacy, but then I remember they are talking about the Yankees, and we all know, there is no response to the lunacy. Actually, right now they are talking about the chances of the Yankees signing Griffey Jr! When will it end? Maybe before the All-Star break, the Yankees can get rid of Giambi, sign Todd Helton, get Zito for nothing, get Clemens and Pettite back, get the elder Boone to fill the 4 spot, and maybe Ichiro for Bench help. Maybe then the Yankee fans will feel as though they have earned a championship. I love it.

    Brad-SF June 2, 2005, 12:33 am

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