Weird Rules

I golf. Poorly (meaning I’m always playing the cheapest round I can find). Badly (meaning I’m really bad at every aspect of the game). Irregularly (meaning every definition of the word that could possibly be applied). Golf perplexes me, vexes me. And then golf has rules like this:

Anthony Kim was disqualified for using an altered driver. He accidentally hit a sprinkler head, bending the driver slightly, then used the club.

This is why golf confounds me so. You damage your stick and get booted for using abused equipment. Ejection for performance-de-enhancing substances. What a strange game.
Oh yeah, the story leads with a bit about some kids digging up home plate from Yankee Stadium II and moving it to the new place across the street. But the bent-driver thing was more interesting to me.

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  • Golf is one of those sports that, for the most part, pretty much polices itself. Many time we see golfers disqualify themselves, I’ve somewhat remember reading a story about either Jack or Arnold waking up one night and realizing they violated some rule during a tournament he won some years earlier, something like moving something in a sand trap that shouldn’t have been moved. Whichever one it was got away with it, but x numbers of years later they remember they shouldn’t have.
    Funny thing was the tournament folder years before they realized this (at this point I think it was Jack), he tried to give the trophy back, but there was no one to give it back to.

    BillsBurgSF November 9, 2008, 9:44 pm
  • Yeah, one weird rule is that you have to keep your own score on your scorecard. In one tournament at least 10 years ago the winner forgot to fill in his score for Hole 18 before handing it in to the judges, so he was disqualified.
    The story AG mentions reminds me of the Canadian snowboarder having to return his gold medal after testing positive for marijuana, which the IOC considers a Performance-Enhancing Drug. To quote Robin Williams, “It’ll only enhance his performance if you put a big f*cking hershey bar at the bottom of the slope.”

    Atheose November 9, 2008, 9:54 pm
  • Ath – no chance you’ll read this since it was a post from yesterday, but “performance enhancing” I don’t think so. Man I never moved so slow, or drove so slow or did anything so slow than after a few sessions! Performance enhancing my ass!

    BillsBurgSF November 10, 2008, 10:50 pm

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