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Welcome Back, Dice: Sox-Rox Gamer

Daisuke Matsuzaka is on the bump in Colorado tonight for Boston, while Jason Hammel pitches for the Rockies.

Sorry to threadjack my own thread, but it’s also NBA draft night. Blazers’ owner Paul Allen fired GM Kevin Pritchard today, but only after he finishes his day at the draft.  WTF?  Oh, and two guys set a record by playing one of the three most boring-est games to spectate ever invented until one of them died of old age.

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Finishing my thought. Tennis comes in at number three on boring-est games to watch.
Number two is watching somebody –ANYBODY– else playing a video/pinball game. Doesn’t matter which.. Space Invaders, Pin Bot, Eight Ball Deluxe, Cue Ball Wizard, Asteroids, Defender/Stargate, Elevator Action, Karate Champ, Dragon’s Lair, Joust, Xevious, Spy Hunter, Gauntlet, Doom, Quake, Street Fighter, Team Fortress, Far Cry, Unreal, StarCraft, World Of Warcraft, Grand Theft Auto, Mortal Kombat, Rockband, Gran Turismo, Half-Life, 2nd/NoLife, Tony Hawk, COD… All awesome games. Don’t wanna watch somebody else do it.
Number one is circle track racing.

So I hardly ever watch the Sox but I flipped over to check it before Deadliest Catch comes on and…
POW! Ratatouille hits a HR…
BANG! Papi gets a hit…
KABLAM! Beltre hits a double off the wall…
Needless to say, I turned it off.

Glad I went to bed and missed the last 3 innings of the game. Another Papelbon blown save? 9 runs given up by our bullpen? Man, that thin mountain air sucks ass.
But hey, a win is a win, even if we should have won every game this series.

Not only that, but a double as well, Ath.
On another note – I think I like the way Terry used Papelbon last night – for as worthless as he is – use him for two innings. By doing this, he essentially takes him out of any chance he may have had to save tonight. I like the way you’re thinking, Terry!!!

Ath, I have invested so much time in Team Fortress and Starcraft. Especially Team Fortress Classic (and HL deathmatch). Back when I was single, my day was more often than not: 1) get up and go to work. 2) watch the Yankees and and have a few (or many) pints. 3) Play TFC until I couldn’t keep my eyes open. 4) Sleep a couple hours. 5) go to 1.
I’m afraid of buying Red Dead Redemption.

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