Welcome Back Curt!!!


Take that! A-Rod! Now let’s just hold on……

…..And they do!! Mo! K. K. K.

A great comeback win on a day where our boys got some very bad news. They needed this one, and they got it.

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  • Shoot me. Now. Please.

    Laura July 14, 2005, 10:19 pm
  • Mariano!

    Nick July 14, 2005, 10:25 pm
  • Wht, oh why couldn’t Billy Mueller have come up in the ninth? He might have been able to do SOMETHING!!!

    Laura July 14, 2005, 10:27 pm
  • Why* (not wht)

    Laura July 14, 2005, 10:28 pm
  • Again I’m going to say this:
    Mark Bellhorn is the worst player in all of major league baseball. If tomorrow the Red Sox announced that they have traded him for a bucket of baseballs and a member of another team’s ground crew, I’m happy. Interested sox fans should head over to the horn and read the “Bellhorn Benched” thread that compares him to all other second basemen.
    I’m not too worried about tonight, but I’d rather not have that happen again. I’d rather Theo go get some more bullpen help immediately; Curt Schilling is not the answer out there, and I don’t think he will be until he’s healty – and then I want him in the rotation.
    Blaming Schill is pointless since Bronson gave up cheap HR’s to the likes of Giambino and Grandpa Bernie when he had a four run lead.

    Brad-SF July 15, 2005, 2:21 am
  • Bronson was ineffective, plain and simple. Probably shouldn’t have started him the night after he did a concert.
    Don’t get too cocky there, Yankee Fans. Have you already forgotten what happened the last time your team won the first game in a series against Boston?
    Anything can happen. Both sides should save any gloating/despairing for Sunday when we have the results of all four games.

    Sox Fan in VT July 15, 2005, 2:49 am
  • Edit:
    Bronson should not have actually BEEN at a concert last night. Bronson was ineffective last night, and it kills me to see him not get that call on the backdoor breaker. However, it’s his job to adjust, and he did not do it.
    Congratulations to A-Rod for hitting another big HR in July – finally got that big-spot monkey off his back.

    Brad-SF July 15, 2005, 3:32 am
  • I was amazed at how PATHETIC the umps were tonight; blowing that HR for ?Mueller? (I was busy tending bar so did not see the batter; just saw the replays); the UNPREDICTABLE strike zone?
    Oh, and good job the, Bald Sox Fan – Why not just peg Nixon next time he’s in your vicinity? Just call yourself the Bald House.
    For all the new, uneducated Sox fans – when the Sox are batting, DO NOT INTERFERE WITH THE PLAY!!!! If they have a shot at the ball, LEAVE IT BE!!! I am not advocating interfering with the Yankees; it just boggles my mind how some guy would cost the Sox an out and have a souviner, rather than stay out of the way of a play. Thanks!!!

    sithkhan July 15, 2005, 5:03 am
  • I actually think Billy’s homerun was a foul, but I did not get to see a great angle – so I have to trust the umps (not to mention the fact that neither Tito or Bill put up much of an argument over the call). However, I will agree with the strike zone being pretty shady. The low and away call was obviously out of the zone, but Bronson got the same calls.
    Right now, I’m just hoping that Redding does not turn into another Rodrigo Lopez – a terrible pitcher, who gets ROCKED by the entire league, but seems to pitch lights out against Boston (ala Ted Lilly, another prime example).

    Brad-SF July 15, 2005, 5:27 am
  • The Sox lost last night because:
    A) Arroyo was terrible
    B) Sheffield wasn’t
    C) The bullpen sucked again.
    Not because of umps or foul home runs. The flaws were apparent again. Get rid of Bellhorn, now. Give Curt a little time. Don’t panic. Let’s see where they are in two weeks, and just give YF and his brethren room to gloat over a poorly played win. They sucked less than us, that happens. On to Friday.

    SF July 15, 2005, 6:48 am
  • Well Said, but I stand by my comments on Bellhorn. I’m at the point now where I automatically give the sox an out every time he’s scheduled to appear at the plate.

    Brad-SF July 15, 2005, 7:17 am
  • Sox Fan in VT –
    Wait ’til Sunday? Easy to say when you’re expecting to face May and Redding. But I’d rather give credit where credit is due: the Yankee hitters are doing a great job, and Moose gutted it out after a bad start.
    Will Al Leiter be in a Yankee uniform again?

    john yf July 15, 2005, 10:08 am
  • Wow. There’s a lot of bitter, very excitable Sox fans out there. SF seems to be the only one of you guys with a shred of common sense. It’s just one game. Albeit a glorious game, featuring sweet response from a guy you hate just because he doesn’t play for you, but just one game nonetheless.
    The Yanks pitching is a mess, Schill (damn him!) is just getting warmed up, and let’s no forget that the Sox are still ahead. Last night made things interesting, but with their rotation the way it is, the Yanks will be lucky to leave Boston with 2 wins.
    So, calm down Sox fans. I really thought you’d got the whole frayed-nerves things out of your system last October.

    Sam July 15, 2005, 10:23 am
  • And let’s not forget Mo. Striking out the 1,2,3 hitters on 13 pitches.

    john yf July 15, 2005, 12:11 pm
  • Mueller’s HR was definitely foul, and was apparent after literally five ESPN replays from a few different angles.
    And the worst player in all of MLB? Yeah, Horny has stunk it up about as badly as one can, but Christian Guzman is having an historically horrible season; let him at least have that title.
    It’s one July game between two teams yet to find any semblance of a real groove. Both the Yanks and the Sox are looking for answers (pitching, anyone?), so I’d like to see both at full strength (I’m *hoping* this isn’t full strength) before freaking out.

    JTP July 15, 2005, 12:30 pm
  • This game was PIVOTAL for the yankees. With their rotation shot to hell, they NEEDED to show that they can win when the starter screws up early (which is the case in almost every one of their losses.) Now, they are pretty much assureed of at least a split of the series.
    And one more note: while I was thrilled to see the yankees pound on schilling, do NOT count on that in the postseason. He was not himself, and wont be for a while, but when he is, let us yankees fans make no mistake, he is one hack of a force to be reckoned with. I think the biggest story was actaully Mariano. He has chokse a lot recently against the bosox, particularly damon and ortiz, and a 1-2-3 strikeout inning was probably the high point of the game.

    David- Yankeesfan July 15, 2005, 1:25 pm
  • sorry for the typos. This is going to be a hell of a series, but if joe torre is reading this, PLEASE do not put Darryl May in on sunday, under any circumstances. Good pitchers on the yankees and bosox often fold when they play each other, so I dont even want to imagine what will happen to a markedly-below-average one.

    David- Yankeesfan July 15, 2005, 1:31 pm
  • “Pivotal”? Sam might need to turn over the “excitable” tag he assigned to us Sox fans to Yankees fans instead. I hardly think last night’s game was pivotal, in any sense. Neither is tonight’s, tomorrow’s, or Sunday’s. Either of the two teams will be within a couple games of first no matter what happens this weekend, so calling them “pivotal” is exaggeration. Important? Momentum-building? Fun? Satisfying? Probably all of those things, to whichever team wins. But not pivotal.

    SF July 15, 2005, 1:36 pm
  • john yf-
    I said “wait till Sunday” because this is a FOUR GAME SERIES. It has nothing to do with who’s pitching when or giving credit or whatever. Jeez…I’m just trying to remind everyone to look at the bigger picture here. It’s stupid to be gloating over one win when there’s still three games left to play…and still about half a season left for that matter. And it’s equally stupid to be all doom and gloom over one loss at this point as well.
    This rivalry can really be the pits. It brings out the worst on both sides.

    Sox Fan in VT July 15, 2005, 2:50 pm
  • sox fan vt –
    I wasn’t gloating and I wasn’t doom and gloom. My team did a good job. Congratulations to them.

    john yf July 15, 2005, 3:49 pm
  • This is what happens when you send Youk down to AAA.
    Go Yanks!!

    Spidey July 15, 2005, 4:10 pm
  • NOW NOW …… Winner, Winner, Chicken dinner… or should I say WHAT almost shut out tonight 17 to 1 WHAT AHha RED SOX got it and the rest is just history.

    Tanja July 16, 2005, 3:54 am
  • Who the hell is Tanja, and what language is that?

    Brad-SF July 16, 2005, 4:50 am

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