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Well, Fuck.

Mo is hurt.

Oh, and the Yankees are playing KC.

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Preliminary diagnosis on Mo after doc exams (MRI results still to come) is “twisted” knee. It’ll be a relief if that’s all itt is, no pun intended. As for the game, the offense continues to absolutely reek with the exception of Jeter and Granderson. Last 4 games (against Baltimore and KC no less): team BA of .207, total of 2 runs scored. HORRIBLE. And here we are down by 2 with 2 men on and thhe (rancid) meat (who else but Jeter and Granderson) of the order up. Teix first. And he sac fly scores one. That’s like a grand slam for this team. Now A-Rod…Singleton introduces hhim as “having a no-contact night going” as if it’s a complement.

Reference to Jete and Granderson was to them being on, not to the rancid meat of the order (Teix/A-Rod/Cano). A-Rod hits seeing eye single and Cano comes up with tying and go-ahead runs on. And he promptly grounds out. He is so lost at the plate right now.

Jeter gets on again to lead off the 9th. He’s unreal right now. Yanks down by one. Granderson walks. OK MEAT OF THE ORDER, these 2 guys – the only ones playing since the season started – are on base again witth NO OUTS. We’re down 1 run. Is anyone home??????????????? Teix up first…

Jeter on 3rd. A-Rod up. Horrific strike call. That’s all they need. That’s an incredibly bad call. 0-2 now. BS. And A-Rod puts up a good fight against 100-mph fastballs and 90-mph sliders from Broxton…this is a great at bat by Alex right here. 2-2. And now a full count.

Is this rock bottom?
1st home win of the season.
We are that fucking team now.
What else can I say? We are clearly one of the worst teams in baseball.
Heads must roll for this.
I have nothing left.

And A-Rod dribbles one thatt Moustakas makes a fabulous play to beat A-Rod as jeter crosses the plate. PAINFUL painful loss. The Royals win their first home game of the year. Unreal. Gotta give props to the Royals fans who have little to cheer for but were rocking in tthe 9th.

I want to hear what these pathetic, overpaid, overhyped fucking LOSERS have to say for themselves…
“We’re better than this…”
“We’ll get on track…”
“We’re not going to panic…”
Blah, blah, blah…

The one thing I have in my sports fandom is that the Yankees are going to win games. That is no longer the case. I have nothing to look forward to…

Putting all of this bullshit aside, it is TRAGIC that Mariano’s career is going to end like this.
It breaks my heart. He deserves better.

I don’t even care about the season at this moment. If he has thrown his last pitch I will feel ill for days. Weeks. Months. I want to see him pitch and KNOW when it’s his last game, not have that moment stolen from me. No no no no. I honestly hate baseball right now.

I’m just glad I got to see him pitch a few times IH…certainly won’t be seeing him in June.
I just hope we win the game I go to now.
That’s the height of my expectation.

Someone had better tell Mo he’s not allowed to end his career like this. This is just … wrong.
I was looking forward to him blowing one more in Fenway, only to come back the next night, his final game there, and get the save to a standing O.

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