Well, back from sunny and cool California, and I needed to pipe in that I too watched in horror as Big Stein and the Donald engaged in a mutually admirational puke-fest, realizing that these two are made for each other – windbags of the nth degree.

I also had the chance to do a drive-by of Pac Bell Park in SF, and the neighborhood seems to be re-vitalized (or, at least, youthful and rising anew). The siting seems exquisite, and all the raves about the stadium resonate. As someone in the design field, however, I do have one major question: Why does it look like Camden Yards? Actually, make that two questions: Why do all new stadia echo the brickyard aesthetic? It must be possible to build a new, state-of-the-art baseball stadium without resorting to the brick-veneer trick. Are there no baseball Pierluigi Nervis? Are there no architects who can imagine a brand-new building that doesn’t evoke Boog and Baltimore? I would love to visit Safeco, but I fear that beyond the sliding grandeur of the roof one is surrounded by red masonry, and that would just ruin my day. Lamentably I ask, where are the truly new stadia?

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