Well documented, though I imagine

Well documented, though I imagine I could spend about 3 grafs knocking down several of your points. Let’s not get into a spitting contest. And I never said anything about Nomar, so I don’t see why you bring him up. If we want to get into Nomar, I’d be happy, though you would have to cast the first stone on that one for me to respond. Go for it – I promise to be a bit more objective than you on that one. I do notice you say nothing about Jeter’s disappointingly high K-rate, an historical trait that has, in my opinion, kept him from being one of the absolutely best offensive players of the last 20 years, and has him locked in what is a very admirable spot as a more than extremely useful player. With his hitting skills, he has no excuse for such an abominable weakness, and a weakness it is.