Well, I tuned in to

Well, I tuned in to see about 20 minutes of the Series last night, after “The Bachelor” ended, and I have to wonder why Torre left Mariano on the bench. I understand he is on the road, he wants Mo to close, but Weaver for TWO innings? That seemed a bit greedy to me. The guy hadn’t pitched since September, and even understanding he was facing Gonzales (a stiff at the plate to that point) and then the 9 hitter, pitcher or otherwise (had there been a double switch yet?), it was a stretch. Mariano has proven he can throw two nights in a row, two innings each time, if he was contemplating a Game 5 close-out. Not a great call by Joe (he’s allowed, I guess). Also, is anyone more pathetic looking at the plate than Luis Castillo?

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