Well, the Pats hangover is just now starting to wear off. It’s amazing to see New York papers sincerely praise a team from Boston, as opposed to the normally bitter Murray Chass and his encyclopedia of snarky, supposedly insiderish (but oh so transparent and painfully biased) comments. This party did snicker a little at the fictional conversation between Gillette and Fenway here, though I think until just a couple years back Fenway could have taught a lesson or two to that gorgeous concrete jungle Sullivan (nee Shaefer) Stadium.

As for Drew Henson, my prediction is that in the not-too-distant future he will be suffering from a severe case of “Tyler-Houston-Miguel Cairo-You-Name-the-Third-Baseman”-envy, maybe not too far into the NFL pre-season, yearning for sunflower nuts, a game of pepper, a little more fungo, and just a little less Ray Lewis. Assuming, of course, that he makes it off whatever practice squad to which he’s assigned.

This party is off to California but due to the wondrous powers of the newly discovered Typepad may blog from the road –

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