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Westward Ho!: Sox-Angels Gamer

A second cross-country trip early in the season takes the Sox to Anaheim tonight. Use this as your gamer for all comments.

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Halladay at 88 pitches after 8 innings. Accomplishnig that feat against the Yankees is tremendous.

Bruins do their job tonight. Celtics look like they are going down (though there is still time), so it’s up to the Sox to take 2 of 3 on the night for Beantown.

“Accomplishnig that feat against the Yankees is tremendous.”
I don’t appreciate the sarcasm:)
Seriously, it’s not that much of an accomplishment when you consider that Kevin Cash, Ramiro Pena and Brett Gardner all were in the line-up. Gardner is awful.

I find that no matter what the standings look like, I can’t root for the Yankees. So I’m glad the Jays won — even though it means the Sox have to win to stay a game back.

Yeah, but despite that Damon, Matsui, Teix and ARod are some of the most patient hitters in the league.
Happy to see the Yanks lose too. They’ll pose a threat in August/September, whereas the Jays won’t.

Pedroia not playing, but he’s in the dugout jawing away to get everyone motivated. Good man.
Lugo’s a hot hitter right now; who would be better at #2? Nick Green, JD Drew?

Lugo with a 10-pitch at-bat draws a walk. Giant “fuck you” to the haters.
I’m sure he’ll make up for it by getting picked off

Ortiz crushes a liner right at Torii Hunter. He’s hitting the ball really well, despite the lack of homer.

There’s no way Papi homers here. He just doesn’t have it. Even up 2-0 in the count.

Good block of the plate. Jacoby wasn’t expecting the throw to be in there either–he was surprised.

Wow, completely skipped the Angels half of the inning–it just stayed a commercial the entire time.

Wow it’s midnight, I need to get to bed after this inning. Fucking west-coast trips. G’night fellas.

wow – I can’t believe they pulled that off. That was a painful win to listen to.

Glad they came back from that one; Masterson was just awful early on.
Any good arguments to not call up Lars Anderson to play at 1st?
His line at Portland is currently .236/.293/.368

The jays have the second best record in MLB since gaston took over last year. Maybe folks are writting them off like people said the Rays would fade and never did?

Yeah, but I think that’s built around certain players overperforming. Aaron Hill and Scott Rolen aren’t going to keep OPS’ing ~.960, and Rod Barajas isn’t going maintain his currently-career-high numbers. Roy Halladay is Roy Halladay and Scott Richmond is probably the real deal, but aside from that they have no solid rotation and their bullpen is going to drop off very quickly. They also have no closer.
If I’m wrong, then crap. But I just don’t see the Jays as having as much depth in talent as the Rays did last year.

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