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What, Now? Jays-Yanks Gamer

Yes, now. The battle is already underway as our beloved Yankees have taken the lead in the bottom of the second, defending the honor of the flag on this, the day before our proud Nation’s birthday, against the maple-slurping, backbacon-eating barbarian horde from the frozen wasteland to the north.

Never mind that Benedict Allan James pitched for those barbarians fairly recently. Comment away..

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I’m essentially at work alone so thanks for posting the gamer AG…
1-0!!! Cano-bomb in the bottom of the 2nd.
Sucks watching this on the stupid ESPN gamecast…

Scutaro has fouled off 6 pitches in a row…that has got ot be aggravating.
Oh wait, not as aggravating as then hitting a double. Two doubles AJ has given up so far.
2nd, no outs…i’m feeling the anger starting to rise.
Another sh-t outing by another $189 bazillion pitcher???

Another f-cking double given up by sorry-ass AJ…
Could he be worse? Oh yeah, he could be Wang. He’s getting close though. Loser.

Cervelli saves his ass by throwing out Rios…
Next inning worthless Flusher flys out obviously…why is this guy on the team again???

Got out of the inning…6 IP, 5 hits, 2 ER’s, 2 BB’s and 6 K’s…not bad I guess. Seemed to be in trouble a lot though.
Let’s see if the bats can come alive at some point?

Sweet. Needed that one because Halladay is going to ass-pound us tomorrow.

Montero now hitting .346/.418/.580 at Trenton. 10/7 BB/K ratio. Entering Wieters territory now.

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