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What? There’s a Game Going On? Sox-Jays Gamer V

Three-two, Sox leading in the bottom of five. Sorry about the lateitude.

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2 ER after 5 ain’t bad SF. He’s given up 8 hits, sure, but he hasn’t walked anybody.
I still wish we were seeing Buchholz today though.

Lucky, Ath.
Meanwhile, Ortiz is down to .186 with no power. When is this going to stop? The Sox might as well be carrying one player less than allowed. This is getting ridiculous.
I fully believe Papi should be given more rope than most, but we’re almost at 200 plate appearances. We’re not in small sample size territory at this point, no?

Tie game. Penny was playing with fire. Just awful. Tito should have quit while ahead.

The Jays commentator who is filling in for Remy says “I’m surprised that Delcarmen is up warming for the Sox” and before he finishes the sentence Adam Lind homers. Tie game.

Delcarmen should have started the inning, Ath. Tito got greedy. Penny’s been battered, and lucky to only be at 3-3 right now.

I disagree: going into the 6th Penny had retired 7 of the last 9 batters, and was economical with his pitch count. Obviously hindsight is 20/20, but he looked like he was settling down before the Lind homer. And since the homer he’s been good too; two easy K’s to Bautista and Overbay.
And then Chavez singles. I still say keep him in to pitch to Inglett.

Well, 6 innings, 3 runs, and a WHIP that’s way too goddamn high. Typical Penny.

My friend just called me and said that on ESPN’s scrolling bar there was a rumor that the Sox are talking to the Marlins about Buchholz for Hanley. That would explain why they’re been relying on Penny over Buchy.

I agree with Ath, though I would have pulled him after the single in the 6th (pitch count).
3 runs on 10 hits vs. 3 runs on 2 hits.
If I’m a Jays fan, I’m furious, but hopeful justice will prevail.

This team has certainly been painful to watch since the first Twins victory. All 2 and 3-run games for the offense (5 games including this one). Not good enough.

Honestly, the SS position might as well be manned by one of those robot vacuums, it has more range than either Green or Lugo.

Right now I’m praying that the Buchholz-for-Hanley rumors are true, though the only evidence I have so far is a phone call.

It is starting to feel like the Sox will be very lucky to be within 3-5 games of first place come the All-Star break with this offense. Beckett may be coming around, but Lester still hasn’t figured it out and that bats are atrocious, no depth on the bench. I hate to feel so pessimistic, but the Sox aren’t hitting against lesser pitchers.

The Sox have never hit well against the shitty pitchers; since 2003 it feels like we do well against the Halladays and Santanas, and get owned by the Tallets. This offense is still very good: DH and SS are the only positions where we struggle, and Green’s .778 OPS ain’t too shabby. Everyone else is either good or very good.
Though I guess Ortiz is bad enough to make up for everyone else. And on that note, the Jays take the lead.

Our shortstops and DH are awful (the shortstop on both sides of the game). And our 3B is noticeably worse in the field. LF is bad defensively, as seems to be the Red Sox wont. And our starting rotation has been pretty awful. Those are pretty much the problems with this team, I think, about a third of the way in. If you’re the bridge-jumping kind, you might say Papelbon’s walking too many guys is a problem.

Single, single, double. Ramirez doesn’t have it today, send out Delcarmen.

And Ramirez throws an IBB ball over Varitek’s head, though he manages to snag it. We can’t even do the basic stuff right.

He gets Bautista to fly out, but I’m shocked Tito let him pitch to him. Now he comes out, Okajima in.

Also, regarding our bench depth: that will improve when Kotsay and Lowrie come back.

Switched to Gameday from MLB.TV. Too much lag between the two (Gameday far ahead) and wanted psychological distance from game.

Okajima taken out after an infield single off his glove. He’s only thrown 11 pitches, but I guess Tito wants a righty to throw to Hill.

And Delcarmen was warming earlier anyway, so I guess if the whole “having them warm up is as good as using them” thing is true, it makes sense.
He gets the out.

I feel oddly hopeful about Drew doing something this inning, but two would have to get on…

Papi hits it hard but Rios tracks it down. Good contact there.
Come on Varitek.

Actually only one needs to get on Devine. He’s on deck, barring a GIDP from Tek.

Oh my bad, only one. As long as there’s no DP (and how likely is that with Lowell running, haha), he’ll see pitches.

Well, shit. Whatcha gonna do? I still feel good about the team’s long-term prospects, but it’s been a crappy week.

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