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What’s That I See In Left Field?

It sure seems like the Yanks and Johnny Damon are parting ways. So as of right now, here's a visual representation of what the Bombers have in left field:

Hole in Left Field
I wonder what they'll do about it. Matt Holliday is still available.

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wonder what they’ll do about it. Matt Holiday is still available.
Why not? What’s another eight year contract between friends? I would guess that it’s a great signing for NY right now, but does everyone realize what that roster is going to look like in 6 years? I’m assuming that Jeter will probably sign for 3 or 4, so not even including him, that’s CC, Tex, A-Rod, and Matt Holiday for another seven or eight years (assuming CC and Tex don’t opt out)..
It’s a great move now, but what do you guys think of that kind of inflexability five years from now at so many key positions?

Brad, the thing is (right now at least) the market for Holiday is reasonable. You’re hearing things about a 5-year deal worth $16 mil per. Holiday is worth more than that. The Yanks (and Sox) should be in the business of getting value on premium players.

Oh, no I didn’t hear that. The last I heard was some insane offer from St.Louis, Nick.
If that’s the case, then you’re correct, both of our respective teams should be talking to him.

A “mystery team” is apparently involved. The “mystery team” is made up of two guys with an unlisted number somewhere in the bowels of Boras’ office building.
Should we start a “where does Matt Holliday end up and what are the terms?” thread?

I once bummed a cigarette off of Drew Barrymore and the drummer from Hole, who she was dating at the time. This was years ago, at a bar near Irving Plaza in NYC. I can’t imagine that guy would be any good in left field at this point.

A year ago, I asked directions to a fed-ex drop from the exceedingly short Jason Schwartzman. He was unable to help me. I asked him to make him feel bad and alienated from us working people. I was in SoHo.

I’d rather get through this season with Melky and _____ and then attack Carl Crawford in the offseason. I like Holliday, but not $16-20 million dollars worth of like and NOT for 5-8 years. The Yankees offense is fine as is, the focus should now be on a utility type player like DeRosa or even Hairston and Starting Pitching.
I was with you Brad, I had no idea who those people were. I knew the lady in the middle, but the others I was lost on.

Oh, it’s Hole. How could I be so silly.
Come on, Nick. You know I’m a country boy! Had you posted a picture of Jamey Johnson, or Hank Jr, I’d be right there with you!
Hole indeed. That’s what they crawled out of?

“I’d rather get through this season with Melky and _____ and then attack Carl Crawford in the offseason.”
haha, John, buddy, I completely disagree with this. I think Crawford is going to be as expensive as Holliday and he’s not as good. If they’re going to throw money at the left field position anyway, I think right now is the time to do it. Now if they’re saving money for other things next offseason (and there are a lot of appealing free agents on the horizon) then I see the point of going relatively cheap now.

Click on my profile. Do I look like I know who Hole is? hahaha.
I agree on the crawford expensive idea, Nick. The idea that Crawford is going to come cheaper doesn’t seem likely. Plus, next year will bring some pretty big contracts because of the class, which will ubdoubtedly drive his price up even more. I think if any team can get Holliday in this market, it’s much better than the one that will be created next year with Crawford.

HOW DARE YOU DISAGREE! I admit at times my man crushes interfere with the clarity of my analysis but I don’t know that Carl Crawford is not as good as Holliday. Sure Holliday hits for more power and a better OBP, but Crawford brings some things to the table that Holliday can’t. He’s also 2 years younger and better defensively. With that said, I’d be fine with Holliday, I don’t dislike the man nor do I think he’s garbage. Just don’t sign him to 8 years, Slade Heathcott and Jesus Montero are going to need a place to play in 2013!
I am kidding re: the 1st sentence of course Nicky Two Times.

Nick Johnson is official now.
Good signing by New York – it makes sense for them, and is good insurance for Tex to have a guy with numbers like that on the bench.

Apparently Boston was offering Holliday 82.5 million over 5 years before they signed Lackey.
Color me glad they opted to go after Lackey instead. Holliday would have destroyed the Green Monster.

Color me glad they opted to go after Lackey instead. Holliday would have destroyed the Green Monster.
It will be very interesting to see how this plays out with Him. So far, the money seems to be the same from all I’m reading now that I realize the St.Louis offer was bunk.
I wonder what Boras will do…

I think I would be glad to see the Yankees go after Holliday, thereby leaving Crawford for the Sox next offseason. Crawford’s a 5-WAR player who already in the AL East and will be just 29 in the first year of his new contract.
But I think the Yankees know that too, and have already decided to make do in left with Melky and change and go after Crawford next year. The rest of the lineup is good enough to cover for the relative lack of production in left for one season.

Seeing as how the Yankees rejected Damon’s offer of 2/$22, I’m thinking you’re exactly right Paul.
Will the Sox go after Crawford, though? They have 3 starting outfielders signed through the next two years. I guess they could just pay a team to take JD Drew or Mike Cameron off their hands, they certainly have the payroll space with losing the contracts of Lugo, Ortiz, Lowell, Varitek coming off the books. Also, Crawford’s defensive talent will be wasted in Fenway’s LF. Can he play right field? Or even center?

I think the Sox would be happy with his defense the 81 times they play outside Fenway Park, and he’s no slouch with the bat. Like Jacoby Ellsbury, OPS+ underrates how valuable he is on offense. Cameron’s on a cheap enough deal that if he has a good enough 2010 and the Sox acquire Crawford, they could trade Cameron for something halfway decent.
If nothing else, the Sox will be involved to drive up the Yankees’ price, though this year will say a lot about Kalish and Reddick as far as the Sox’ ultimate interest in a long-term solution like Crawford is concerned.

I’m with John on this. Live with Melky (or some other temp) this season and nab Crawford next year. I just think keeping Damon around for another season or two wouldn’t have been a bad deal (to say nothing of Matsui at what he got from Anaheim).

he said / she said
we heard that:
damon initially wanted 3-4yrs $13m per
the yankees heard this from “other voices” ;)
the yankees were rumored to be at 2yrs $10 per [before the other signings]
damon reduced his demand to 2yrs $14m per according to the yankees
damon reduced his demand to 2yrs $10m per according to a “source in damon’s camp”
the yankees countered with 2yrs $7m per
the yankees were more in love with nick johnson and curtis granderson
i sense that the “negotiations” with matsui may have gone the same way…i don’t expect the same outrage we got with torre, but the yanks appear to be sending a message when a guy’s time is up…

“I think I would be glad to see the Yankees go after Holliday, thereby leaving Crawford for the Sox next offseason. Crawford’s a 5-WAR player who already in the AL East and will be just 29 in the first year of his new contract.”
I just don’t get this.
2007 WAR: 8.0
2008 WAR: 6.3
2009 WAR: 5.7
2007 WAR: 3.1
2008 WAR: 2.7
2009 WAR: 5.5
Holliday is an elite player who has been better than Crawford and if the rumors are correct he can be had at a reasonable price. If the Yanks are going to put big money toward a LF anyway, why not go for Holliday, rather than wait for the bidding battle that will be for Crawford next offseason. There is also the added benefit of actually knowing Holliday is definitely available on the free agent market as opposed to what Crawford’s status will be next year. What if he gets traded midseason to a team that extends him beyond next year?

Mods – can we please post a bunch of crap threads to push this horrible image further down the page?
I keep clicking on the website hoping that Paul has written some enourmous thread about whatever awesome stats he figures out, and this picture is buried below the range of my screen, but no luck!

how ’bout a post about what a bummer it is that the sox are kicking their star, world series hero, 3b to the curb…similar to when the yankees humiliated poor joe torre with a pay cut, driving the poor man out of town with a contract that still humbled every other manager out there…
…yeah, i didn’t think so…

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