What’s Your Vector, Victor?

We’re succumbing.  After another story today, we’re doing it. We’re engaging the mindless speculation, started here, continued here, artfully satirized here, and then brought to it’s predictable "whatever they want we’re gonna take" conclusion here.  So what is it, Sox fans and Yanks fans alike?  Is Roger the answer?  Is he an AL stat bomb waiting to explode? Is he a dependable veteran tutor?  Is he an every-five-day prima donna that will isolate and be isolated from his everyday teammates?  All of the above? 

Elsewhere, WasWatching exhibits little sense of humor in jumping on the "Larry Lucchino is Satan" bandwagon, a position usually reserved for us Sox fans, insinuating that the Boston bigwig is in cahoots with the Lowell Spinners, launching a conspiracy to deprive Massachusetts schoolkids of the divine privilege of wearing a Yankees little league uniform.  Steve Lombardi, whose excellent blog is one of our favorites, misses the mark here. Exploiting this famed regional rivalry to generate publicity for a local minor league ballclub and at the same time providing young kids with free uniforms and a chance to play in a professional ballpark is hardly dastardly, but rather somewhat humorous and clever.  Sometimes a little PR is just a little PR. 

Consider this an all-things-Roger, all-things-rivalry open thread.

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  • I’d be pretty ok with Clemens coming to the Yanks. He wouldn’t put up Houston numbers, but I’d still envision a solid mid 3 ERA, high k total, and he’d give you 6-7 innings of competitive baseball every start. Plus, he’d add depth to a starting rotation with just a couple of question marks (Can Wang log more than 20 starts? Is Pavano a headcase? Why is Wright on the Yanks? Will Chacon’s medicore peripherals catch up with him this year? Is Mussina still good?). It’s not as if he’d be getting in the way of a pitching prospect’s chance to shine. Hughes is probably a year away. Torre doesn’t trust Henn. And say, all goes well, and the Yanks starters all pitch decently, so that you have a surplus at that position, then you can take advantage of that surplus and trade a pitcher like Pavano for other needs or prospects. Teams are always willing to overpay for starting pitching.
    Clemens will undoubtedly get paid some wild amount ($19 million, which for the Yanks, given the luxury tax, is like $25 million). Still, it’s the freakin Yanks, I’m sure they can afford it for a year. It’s not as if they’d be committed to him for the long-term, and it’s not as if Clemens hasn’t been one of the best pitchers in baseball the last two years. And who knows how much Clemens in merchandising will pay for the contract alone?

    Nick February 9, 2006, 1:24 pm
  • I’d be shocked to see Rodger in a Yankee or Red Sox uni this season, especially given the reasons why he departed to Houston in the first place and the cushy deal he landed down there.
    Even though anything can happen, I think it’s best for both teams to move on. Roger has done great things for both organizations, let’s keep the memories happy ones.
    And yes, I do think the fuse is lit on his NL enhanced ERA.

    lp February 9, 2006, 4:46 pm
  • First – I agree with a lot of what Nick said.
    Second – It would surprise me if Clemens really did come back to NY. And yet it wouldn’t suprise me if he did. yes, I am very much a walking contridiction.
    Third – If he did return, I’m wondering if they’d have to give him another retirement party and a new car at the end of contract.
    Seriously, I’ve read the predictions. Seen the upbeat speculation. Heard the fans chomping at the bit to start the season. I have to be honest, the pitching – it scares me. I have no confidence at all in the starting rotation, let alone the bullpen. Pitching wins Championships and I’m not sure the Yanks have it.
    Clemens might not be the Rocket of old, but unless he finds the same cliff David Cone fell off suddenly, an aging, almost as good Roger is better than some of the arms that will grace the mound otherwise.

    sandy February 9, 2006, 11:10 pm

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