When Pettitte [<--and please do

When Pettitte [<--and please do note the correct spelling] came out for the ninth you couldn't help but sense trouble. His last couple of batters in the eighth, though outs, went deep into counts and it appeared he was tiring. Ellis, who would be leading off the ninth, had been one of his toughest outs all day, running counts high in each case, as is his way. So I thought Torre letting him out at all was a mistake; Rivera is much better coming in on a clean slate. And he'd been lights out all week'yesterday was his fifth consecutive game, including two stints of more than 1 inning. So perhaps he had a bit of a tired arm, but still in all I was hoping to see him in there. After three days of watching them, I don't feel the A's are as intimidating as they have been in the past few years. They don't hit well and their defense is suspect. Zito looks ordinary at the moment, and their bullpen has holes. They're going to be a threat down the stretch I'm sure, but I don't seem them winning 20 games in a row. Home field advantage is a key for and against them. Stirling is a complete and utter jackass, and a pox on the Yankee nation. They should trade him to the Sox.

Posted by YF on 8/4/2003 11:03:24 AM

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