Where Are They Now?

It’s been a brutal 24 hours for our fallen heroes. Where have they gone since the last out? Here’s what our sources tell us….

Bernie: On tour with David Sanborn
Cashman: Tampa
Vazquez: Montreal
Matsui: Nobu
Steinbrenner: Conference call with Boomer & Rocket
A-Rod: Stumping for Dubya’s tax plan
Sheff: Newest member of Team America: World Police
Kevin: Last seen leaving Home Depot with arm in sling and can of PatchAll
Mel & Joe: Amazonian expedition in search of two starters and a middle reliever
Derek: Still sitting in the dugout, trying to figure out what the fuck happened

One reply on “Where Are They Now?”

Not funny ~ kiddo. If this is what we do after one loss … I would hate to imagine what the Red Sox looked like last October. Congradulations to the Red Sox fans who really deserve this win.

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