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Where’s The Beef? Sox-Jays Gamer

Jon Lester and rookie Luis Perez are the pitchers for this evening’s maple-flavored entertainment.  I like pitching duels such as last night as much as the next purist but sometimes you want a steak. And at least have the decency to finish it in nine.

Line-ups follow, comment away.

J. Ellsbury cf .311
D. Pedroia 2b .304
A. Gonzalez 1b .339
K. Youkilis 3b .260
D. Ortiz dh .313
M. Scutaro ss .274
C. Crawford lf .250
J. Saltalamacchia c .251
D. McDonald rf .194
J. Lester 3.05
Y. Escobar ss .290
E. Thames lf .273
J. Bautista rf .306
A. Lind 1b .254
E. Encarnacion dh .276
K. Johnson 2b .289
B. Lawrie 3b .318
J.P. Arencibia c .218
M. McCoy cf .217
L. Perez 3.77

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Youkilis doubles to make it 6-0 in the top of the second but caught between 2nd and 3rd on the play. Then Papi almost beats the shift. Perez has allowed 7 hits, 2 walks, and 6 earned through 2. Rough six outs for Perez.

Remy wonders aloud why there aren’t many fans at the game tonight in Toronto.. speculates it might be school, sounding as if he wasn’t sure that they had schools in Canada.
Salty hits one to deep center, making it 8-0 Sox. In the third.
Rain, rain, and more rain in the Bronx. Damn it I am bored.

I got home SOAKING wet tonight. Horrid rain and it’s supposed to continue for 3 days. The Yanks + rain have been a constant theme tthis year. I woulsn’t bee suprised if they needed to squeeze in 3 doubleheaders in the last 3 week.

Lester doesn’t seem fazed by the long lay-offs between innings, striking out Lind in the bottom of the fourth.
Trivia on Jays broadcast: Last Blue Jay to have back-to-back 40 HR seasons.
I know the answer to this because of watching the Sox broadcast a couple days ago. And that will be the peak of my excitement this evening. The highlight of my day, actually. gerbil’s life would not make a good reality show.

I go to ESPN and see this in the box score:
For Tom Wait’s sake. I know we have games to make up, but that’s ridiculous.

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