Dead Air

Theo and John had a press conference and everyone came.  Except Larry.  Even though Larry wasn’t the issue.  Right.

Click through this link for oodles and oodles of cliches, expected sword-fallings-on, and in general nothing illuminating except repeated claims that everything broke down at the end right around the time Shaughnessy got a nice leak even though the leak had nothing to do with it even though it happened at the exact moment that things all started to break down. Funny how that works, right?  It is at least marginally interesting how John Henry walks the dignified path in taking responsibility for Theo walking even as it’s clear that he’s lying through his teeth about Lucky’s role in this whole thing. 

In the end, though,the press conference was a perfunctory exercise, and commenter Waldomeboy had it right: this was about power, those who want the power, and the reluctance to give up the power by those who have it.  The Sox need to move on, and fast.   If they pick a fine successor, this whole soap opera will matter little.  They have some hard work to do.

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  • is now live. Tee-shirts are coming, plus links to email the Sox to tell them how they botched this so miserably.

    Anonymous November 2, 2005, 5:11 pm

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