Who Needs Cash?

Over on Baseball Prospectus, Jay Jaffe, aka the Futility Infielder, has subbed himself in for Brian Cashman and adumbrated the moves he'd make in his place as the Yanks' GM. Signing Mark Teixeira is on top of that list, and there are some other interesting ideas you may not have considered: trade Matsui to the Giants for Randy Winn, sign Nomar as a backup infielder. Like many of those to whom I generally defer on statistical matters, he thinks signing Derek Lowe is a good idea, given his consistency and durability. I'm not sanguine about that idea, and wonder about the validity of this statement: "with the Yankees moving into their new cash cow of a stadium, money is hardly their biggest concern." But these are minor cavils. If Jay's writing, it's always worth reading. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

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