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The NFL action on Sunday is probably as sweet as could be expected for the football sports fans who don’t have a horse in the race. And even better for those who do. There are no losers for any football fan in any of these match-ups.

In the AFC, the Jets face The Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz, while at Soldier Field, it is arguably the most wanted match-up that any long-time football fan could imagine as the Pack faces the Bears. Again: Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay. For the chance to play in the Super. With a SEVENTY-YEAR layover since the last time they played a game with that had this perspective. Suh-weet.

So, lay down your bat and mitt and your “trade divining stick”, and pick up your… um… brat and beer and bag-o-chips and remote… And weigh in as we head to *FC Championship Sunday, which is pretty freaking cool, as far as a football fan might be concerned. But, if you are at a party, just stay away from those pre-made seven-layer dips. They usually cost you significant lavatory time.

the attackgerbil picks the Pittsburgh Steelers to beat New Jersey 21-17 in a game locked down by weather, while it will be da Bears over da Cheese 31-21.

And yes, I wrote New Jersey.

go bills.

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I was ECSTATIC to see the S-U-C-K…SUCK, SUCK, SUCK’s crush the Cheatriots…but now, I’m all Steelers. (Fins fan, remember?)
In the NFC I’ll take….DA BEARS!!!
Bears vs Steelers in the SuperBowl and the Yellow and Black take home their Yankee-like 7th Lombardi Trophy.
Man, why couldn’t I have been born 3 hours south in Pittsburgh.

i’m a jets fan, so i can’t pick against my boys…bears, i don’t really care one way or the other, but i’ll give ’em the nod as the home team…

Steelers win a low-scoring game over the Jerks, then lose the Super Bowl to Green Bay (who destroys Chicago on Sunday). And Colin Cowherd has to admit grudgingly that Aaron Rodgers is an elite QB.

> And Colin Cowherd has to
I can’t believe I wasted an hour listening to him try and prove a negative the other day regarding AR. I still pick the Bears, big, but Ugh. They don’t broadcast Dan Patrick live on the left coast.. it runs at 10 PST, and I’m at work by that time. So I’m left with Colin and Rome and the local guys when I am schlepping the kid around to school.
Sometimes I miss Eastern Standard.

Wait, there is someone who is saying Rodgers isn’t an elite QB? I know he’s been doing this for only two years, but that Rodgers is great.
Jets over Steelers. It will be higher scoring than people expect.
Packers over Bears by a lot.
Jets over Packers.
Rex Ryan is carried off the field by his team and the last 5 winners of the Strong Man competition (all named Lars Karlson).

AG – you do realize that Colin does what he does to get a rise out of people. He will take the opposite side of the argument on many things just to get his listeners and callers riled up, he tried to do it a sophisticated as he can, and sometimes his arguments can be OK, but it is his whole M.O. figure out what his audience is leaning toward on an issue, player, or event and then take the opposite side. At least that is what it seems like to me and from what I’ve read about him.

Nick – though the it was a contractual thing that all strongman winners or competitors have to be named Magnus von something…at least everytime I used to see that on ESPN 2 there was always like 5-10 Magnus’ participating!

Bill, I know you are right about the fact that Colin Cowherd is an entertainer. That is his job, and he is good at it, despite my protestations. And then I get sucked into it, despite the fact that I should know better.
Colin Cowherd and Jim Rome do what they do very well. I just don’t find their brand of entertainment entertaining. Yet I still get drawn into the conversation, because it is there for easy grabbin’ on the radio in the morning when I drive the bus.

you guys aren’t really looking for quality sports coverage from espn are you? come on, man!
E-ntertainment [very little]
S-ports [even less]

PS I watched “The Town” last night…awesome movie although all the Bruins and Sox gear made me a little sick to stomach, it was all good once they shot up Fenway!!! :)

Ok, not a football fan here but watched the Steelers/jets game with my ten year old because he wanted to. And it gave me the chance to explain running down the clock and why baseball is the superior game. So not a complete loss of a few hours.

Always nice to see Cutler bow out of yet another important game like the little mental midget that he is.
If Denver doesn’t win for another two years (which won’t happen), I’m so happy to be rid of that head-case and his thug-life garbage reciever.
PS – hows that working out for you Krueg?

I always look forward to the Super Bowl because it means the “Ow! My Balls!” of American sports is finally over for another year.
The most important live-TV event of the first six weeks of the year happens tomorrow night, not in two weeks.

Sean Jensen at Sun Times: Cutler: torn MCL.
Suuurrreee. That’s what I’d come up with too. :)
Krueg: Brandon Marshall. I’m just bustin balls, man.

so i guess they can cut the crap about cutler being a quitter…not a big fan of that guy anyway, but give him the benefit of the doubt until you have the facts…it’s funny how the nfl encourages the idolization of guys like vick and rat-burger, but this guy, whose only character flaw seems to be that he’s a jerk, comes under such unfair scrutiny…cutler’s qb rating yesterday 31, rat-burger’s 35…

Oh, yeah…hard to get him the ball when our QB is atrocious! It’s all good dude. I have no problem admiting we are an embarrassment at this point. A once proud franchise mired in failure…sigh.
Couple weeks until Spring Training though!!
The whole Cutler thing is crazy to me. Now that we know he tore his MCL, wtf? I tore my MCL playing hoops in high school and there is NO WAY I could play for a couple months. Your knee locks up and it hurts to put weight on it…no joke injury. I wasn’t the same again for two years in terms of the strength of my knee. I think Chicago is just pissed they lost, plus Cutler has a bit of an attitude.

And yet the Dolphins, as bad as they are, still give Ireland an extension…Krueg they are a disaster. Guy asks Dez Bryant if his mom is a hooker, keeps his job and they extend him…Sweet!

Remember that littering commercial with the Native American with the single tear?
That’s me at this point.
11 years since we won a playoff game.
19 years since we made the AFC Championship game.
39 years since we won a SuperBowl.
Go Fins.

That Cutler is being Lambeausted over an open FAVRE (see how I did that) is pathetic. You: go get your knee warped sideways, take it to the doc AFTER sticking it out, have them say, “yeah, your knee don’t work now”, and then go back on the field when your coaches’ game plan wasn’t working either. That’s SMRT.

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