Who absolved the NYT–or Boomer

Who absolved the NYT–or Boomer for that matter? Not me. And let’s be clear: Sox fans are certainly entitled to wallow in their grief. But there is a difference between cause and effect. If the Sox lose every year, it’s not due to some larger supernatural force, but through a variety of historical circumstances, and it is our job to look carefully and honestly about just what those might be. So spare me all of the sanctimonious BS about how we Yankees fans just can’t understand your pain. You’re entitled to it, sure, but you can’t also use it also as a weapon. Is baseball a meritocracy? Defitinitely not. Should it be? I’m not sure. But that’s a debate for the off season. As for the interference in the Cubs game, yes it was a big play, but the Cubs had ample OPPORTUNITY to erase its damage. They did not. That’s their fault. It’s only a decisive moment in retrospect.

Posted by YF on 10/15/2003 12:03:03 PM