Who Will Surprise Us In 2007?

Last year, it was the Tigers. In 2005, the White Sox seemed to come out of nowhere. These were teams that almost everyone slept on. So, here’s a chance to post your sleeper pick for the coming season.

I’ll go first.

The Milwaukee Brewers will make the post-season this year. Their starting rotation will be the best in baseball. Prince Fielder will hit 40 homers. Rickie Weeks will be a star. With Ben Sheets and Chris Capuano at the top of the rotation, the Brew Crew will be tough in the post-season. They could win the whole thing.

Or not.

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  • I do like the Brewers as a surprise playoff contender. I like the D-Rays as a surprise wild card contender. I like the Red Sox as a surprise World Series winner.
    Wait, what?

    Paul SF March 19, 2007, 6:08 pm
  • Nick stole my surprise team!

    Devine March 19, 2007, 6:10 pm
  • maybe it’s not a surprise then? It’s like when everyone agrees that someone is an underrated player. You figure out that he’s actually not underrated.
    I think Sheets is going to have a monster year, and I like their pitching a lot.

    Nick-YF March 19, 2007, 6:13 pm
  • Uh, based on everything we’re reading here today, I predict the Red Sox will surprise everyone and possibly make the playoffs, against all expectations.

    SF March 19, 2007, 6:57 pm
  • just a thought, but……would there be any interest in doing a fantasy league? espn does a free league with a live draft that we could set up for some of us who contribute around here. it could add a new element to the rivalry. i’m not a big fantasy guy, but it could be fun. just a thought.

    sf rod March 19, 2007, 7:14 pm
  • Fantasy league, count me in. Great idea SF Rod.
    Arizona. They will go from 76 wins to just under 90. With Conor Jackson, O-Dog, the healthier of the Drew’s, Chad Tracy, Byrnes, Chris Young and Carlos Quentin, this team is YOUNG and ready to pounce. A starting rotation of B Webb, Unit, Doug Davis, Livan Hernandez and Nippert, they have as good as a pitching staff as there is in the NL. Pencil the D-Backs in as NL West champs.
    Here’s the rest of the winners:
    AL East: Yankees/Sox
    AL Central: Indians (One year late)
    AL West: Oakland
    AL Wildcard: Yankees/Sox
    NL East: Phillies
    NL Central: Cubs (Too much offense)
    NL West: Diamondbacks
    NL Wildcard: Mets
    AL Champ: Yankees
    NL Champ: Phillies
    WS Winner: Yankees

    Triskaidekaphobia March 19, 2007, 8:04 pm
  • Do the Cubs count or is everybody expecting them to do great?
    If not, Marlins, because it’s always the Marlins.

    Kazz March 19, 2007, 8:38 pm
  • according to my rules of surprise, the Cubs would not count, nor would the D-Backs, but the Marlins would.

    Nick-YF March 19, 2007, 8:41 pm
  • The Diamondbacks were in last place, in the worst division in the game. How do they not qualify?

    Triskaidekaphobia March 19, 2007, 9:48 pm
  • too much of a buzz surrounding them. The Hardball Times picked them to win their division. Too many of the “experts” are excited about them. I had to disqualify them from the list. But I agree with you. I think they’re an exciting team on the rise.

    Nick-YF March 19, 2007, 9:52 pm
  • I’m ALL in for fantasy ball. Shoot me an email.

    Brad March 19, 2007, 9:55 pm
  • sorry. forgot to add the addy.

    Brad March 19, 2007, 9:55 pm
  • Well then I vote the Brewers be disqualified also, LOL. Too much hype? the Brewers are the Paris Hilton of this year’s picks, everyone’s all over them. Anyway, I will play by the rules and bow out gracefully.

    Triskaidekaphobia March 19, 2007, 10:21 pm
  • I’ll go in for fantasy baseball also. My email is attached.
    I pick the Cubs to surprise — by barely reaching .500…

    Paul SF March 19, 2007, 10:26 pm
  • I like the Phils, Brewers, and Indians, though not as much since Foulke quit and Lee got hurt. The AL Central is a mess, though; any of the four could win it, and it’ll probably just be a matter of who stays healthiest/has a young player bust out. I don’t really like Chicago too much, though…
    I’d play Fantasy Baseball. I’m not sure how to make Typekey display my e-mail directly, but it’s on that page…

    desturbd1 March 19, 2007, 11:21 pm
  • i’d play fantasy. i already play on Yahoo, though. never tried ESPN. which is better, does anyone know?

    Kazz March 19, 2007, 11:32 pm
  • My guess is the Indians are going to be very good as well.

    Brad March 19, 2007, 11:33 pm
  • Indians. barely. they just beat out the tigers. I want to pick the phillies, but that bullpen is horrid. ugh. i like the brew crew, but i don’t know if they have enough offense. and sheets? who knows if he can stay healthy. the diamondbacks i just can’t see. everything would have to go perfect for them. padres have a better rotation, and the dodgers have more offense.

    m.g. yanks fan March 19, 2007, 11:45 pm
  • It better not be Ben Sheets surprising everyone, because I refuse to draft him in the 7th round of a 12-team league.

    Andrew March 20, 2007, 12:18 am
  • I have Ben Sheets in one of my leagues.
    I’m not sure he’s capable of anything that isn’t surprising.

    Kazz March 20, 2007, 2:45 am
  • Octavio Dotel
    Watched him today, looks very good . So far in the spring 6 innings pitched 0 earned runs 1 walk 2 hits and 10, yes 10 strikeouts. He is throwing the ball upwards of 95 mph. I still don’t know why we didn’t sign him for 2 years?! He basicly got healthy, used us to get his pitching in, strengthen his arm, and we paid him !!! We should have gotten something in return.

    jeterisgreat_YF March 20, 2007, 8:59 am
  • i’d be up to join a league.

    Yankee Fan In Boston March 20, 2007, 9:28 am
  • I would also be up for doing a league. Even though I’m doing 3 paid-for leagues, a Strat-o-matic online league (which is AWESOME, by the way), and two free head-to-head Yahoo! leagues. But sure. We could make it more than 12 teams, too. That’d be pretty sweet.

    Andrew March 20, 2007, 9:51 am
  • Someone in charge around here check the YFSF email address, and get back to me.

    Brad March 20, 2007, 9:56 am
  • jeets, I agree about Dotel.

    Anonymous March 20, 2007, 10:40 am
  • me

    Anonymous March 20, 2007, 10:41 am
  • c’mon typepad

    Anonymous March 20, 2007, 10:42 am
  • http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story?page=janowitz/070315
    Why the hell can’t this happen to me? THis is a good read, and I’m sure, great fun for this fella.

    Brad March 20, 2007, 11:54 am
  • Brad:
    I checked the email – didn’t see anything. Can you re-send?

    SF March 20, 2007, 12:20 pm
  • Rangers will win the AL West. The curse of Showalter lives!

    nate March 20, 2007, 12:20 pm
  • SF:
    No big deal. Paul is taking care of it. I set up a fantasy league for us (those of us who are interested) over at ESPN. Paul will post about it later with the info for people to get in. Or people can email me to get in early as there are only ten spots. Thanks just the same.

    Brad March 20, 2007, 12:33 pm
  • The Devil Rays’ will win the AL East, AL Pennant, and World Series.
    Book it.

    Devil Rays' Fan March 20, 2007, 9:55 pm

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