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Whoops.. I’m Late To The Early Start: Rangers-Yanks Gamer

The Yankees have signed 32-year-old Brian Gordon who opted out of his minor league contract with the Phillies. He starts against the only team with whom he’s had big-league action — he had three relief appearances in 2007 for Texas — while his former club sends C.J. Wilson. The action has already commenced. Comment away.

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I’m loving how Gordon is just pounding the strike zone: 39 pitches, 31 strikes.
Efficiency is underrated. I’ll leave a spot open on my team for a guy like that any day.

Dude got out of bases loaded with one out and Young/Beltre coming up giving up only 1 run. It’s strange seeing the Texas cap on his head in the Gamecast box next to the batters he is facing in Texas caps…
It is a great story for him though you know? How pyshcued he must be after all these years of toiling and not quite breaking through. Now he is pitching in the cathedral :) – and doing OK with it so far…

Great story…hopefully they get him some runs and a win!!! Looks like the Rags got a couple while I was meeting with our CEO.
I don’t know if any of you are CEO’s, maybe IH, but they are not human in my experience. WAY TOO excited and positive.

2-2 on a HIP HIP RBI DOUBLE!!!
And then Noesi puts up a zero…looked like from gamecast there was a pretty sweet 3rd to 1st DP in there.
Noesi has looked pretty good.

Cory Wade throws nothing but changeups to Hamilton, and Hamilton takes the bait.
You can always, always, always find right-handed relief options. Stuff it Levine.

The CEO and senior managers headed for the airport…krueg sneaks out the back and gets home JUST in time to see Gardner’s hit. Awesome.

Yeah, in early high school. He was kind of a douche then. Not in a mean way, but in a bratty way. You know…farting and showing off his boogers.
His dad actually played in the minors, but suffered some sort of career ending injury. I think it was a shoulder. Good man, though.

I mean, 14 and 15 year olds will do that kind of thing. I did, although I certainly wasn’t able to attract the attention of any girl.
But that’s pretty cool…does she keep in touch with him? Although “hey remember when you were a douche and showed me your boogers” isn’t exactly a great way to stay in contact.

Lowrie left after 1 AB with shoulder tightness; Dan Hoard Tweets that Drew Sutton was pulled after one inning in P’tucket. Jed to DL, I’d bet.

Buchholz left after 6 with lower back tightness; lets hope he isn’t DL bound, too. But with Andrew Miller en route, that might not be a problem.

Lowrie to the DL might be a blessing in disguise. He’s been a whole lot of nothing with the bat for two months.
I suspect these are related. Since injuring his shoulder, Lowrie has been epically bad at the plate (.128/.190/205). Before that, he had been .247/.309/.351 since April 28. Not terrific, but more in line with a slump or correction from his blazing-hot start.

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