Who’s Your Buddy?

Did Cash think he could just sneak this one by us on Super Bowl weekend? That maybe attention was diverted elsewhere? Hah! You can’t get anything past us. To what do we refer? The Pinstripers signing of 39-year-old lefty reliever Buddy Groom at $850k for the year. To get the dough, he’ll have to make the team. Geritol, anyone?

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  • Groom used to be one of the most solid middle relievers in the league. Dependable, he’d eat innings and almost always hold leads (the few that they had) for the Os. The last two years, however, have seen his performance drop off considerably, which, I guess, isn’t suprising given that he’s like 104 years old. But who knows. Let’s hope old Buddy steps up and flashes back a couple of years…

    Spidey February 6, 2005, 1:16 pm

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