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Will A-Rod Get The Bonds Treatment?

Here are A-Rod's slash numbers for the 2009 postseason: .407/.469/1.000. In other words, Alex Rodriguez is ridiculous. It's not as if you needed a stat line to tell you this. You could watch and notice that everything he hits is hit hard, that he's in control, that he looks like the best player in baseball. 

It's actually amazing that they're still pitching to him. So why are they pitching to him? I'm thinking he doesn't see another pitch to hit for a while. That means Hideki and Jorge have to make them pay

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“…I’m thinking he doesn’t see another pitch to hit for a while. …”
a couple of us made that point the other day nick, but lo and behold, he got a few ;) good pitches to hit in game 4…i don’t get it…i like it, but i don’t get it

I agree. I think they stop pitching to him altogether and put the onus on those after him in that lineup. Why they’re still pitching to him at all is amazing to me.
The good news is that when they win, the Phillies have nearly a week to cool off from this pace they’re on now (Colorado 2007).

The way to counteract that is for Tex and the rest of the fellas to start hitting. I know Tex is 3, but if he can start hitting pitchers would have to be careful with both he and Alex. Remember too that Bonds never really had a Tex or even a Matsui (that I can recall) to protect him, so pitching around him was a lot easier.

DC, I think it’s because the Angels and other teams know that the Yankees don’t have Bengie Molina and Aaron Rowand batting 5 and 6. No disrespect to those players of course. The Yankees lineup is looooong and to pitch around one player could come back and haunt them. Granted, Fuentes should have thrown him anything late in the game though.

Plus, even though Tex and Matsui aren’t their normal selves lately, they’re such established hitters that other teams can’t dismiss them entirely.
I think teams will certainly try to avoid giving A-Rod decent pitches, but they can’t entirely pitch around him because he’s surrounded by legitimate threats. Tex and Matsui may be cold right now, but together they still have a career OPS of .888. Teams can’t ignore that.
Of course, if they start getting hot too, the opposition will be in serious trouble.
So no, I don’t think A-Rod is going to suddenly start getting IBBed every at-bat like Bonds, but I definitely think teams will try to pitch around him when they can.

Now you have to remember that Bonds did have a very solid JT Snow, an Amazing Jeff Kent (I think he hit 333 with 39 HRs), a healthy and very good Ellis Burks. Even Rich Aurilia was pretty decent that year.
Either way, Bonds was intentionally walked with the bases loaded that year.

Good point, but I think length has something to do with it as well. You start pitching around guys in this lineup and what could have been 1-0 is now 4-0.

(P.S. Arod’s numbers may make some wonder — as I heard one XM radio host wonder yesterday — if he hasn’t recommenced giving himself the “Bonds Treatment.” But he certainly has enough talent to put up those numbers without The Creme or The Clear…)

I’m surprised he got as much as he did to hit in Game 3 as well (and agree with everyone in the world that the 0-2 pitch in the 9th of Game 2 was inexcusable…I actually thoguht the first two pitches of that AB were inexcusable too).
Did anyone else hear on ESPN last night that A-Rod has not had a single swing-and-miss in these last two games in Anaheim? He is LOCKED IN.
If the Yanks do indeed move past LA, their line-up will have to continue what they only really started in game 2 of the ALCS – i.e. getting consistent production from guys not named Derek, Alex, or Hideki. The Phils are getting it up and down theirs

“Arod’s numbers may make some wonder”
I don’t really think so. Frankly I think those who are “wondering” (if anyone is) and those who are “wondering about others wondering” are pretty much entirely coming from the segment of the population that can’t stand that A-Rod is playing great and the Yankees are still rolling. In other words, such wonderment says more about them than it does about A-Rod.

Like I said, IronHorse, this question was plainly voiced by an MLB host on XM yesterday — so much for your “if anyone is” comment.
Or just do a quick Google (you’ve heard of Google, right?) and you’ll quickly turn up more such comments.
Once identified as a user, such talk will never go away, fairly or not. Considering how rich ARod got while juicing, I’d say it’s a small price for him to pay.

“…Considering how rich ARod got while juicing, I’d say it’s a small price for him to pay….”
yep, along with ortiz, manny, clemens, pettitte, bonds, blah, blah, blah….
in the meantime, even though mlb seems to be in on the conspiracy, rumors continue to swell from meantown, that mo’s post season heroics ain’t worth spit…

What is this “Google”?
Can it help grow hair?
By the way, an unnamed source on some readio program once said that martians were responsible for the Kennedy assassination. Those martians. Once you star in one bad sci-fi flick you’ll never live it down.

This site has gotten a little nasty in the last week or so…hmmmmm…I wonder why???
“in the meantime, even though mlb seems to be in on the conspiracy, rumors continue to swell from meantown, that mo’s post season heroics ain’t worth spit…”
Gotta love people like this…if I repeat a lie enough times to enough people, it will become the truth. I think perhaps Karl Rove is leading this charge??? ;)

“Can it help grow hair?”
You’re a good looking guy, IH. As am I. We’re better off this way.
I have never entertained the thought of re-growing the shag. I have saved literally thousands of dollars on haircuts. I am cooler in the summer, in a lot of ways. I shine, quite literally. Embrace it!

i was just messing around with the silliness of the story krueg…i expect that once i let it go, it will die a quick and quiet death…on the other hand, spit on your head IH…i hear that the enzymes in saliva will make your hair grow, or maybe it’s you’ll grow nipples on the top of your head, something like that…actually, the hair thing is further proof that mo doesn’t spit…seen the top of his head lately?…used to be you could only get a shine like that with lemon pledge…

Just don’t go in on the Youklis-sized goatee. You have to make alot of money and have high-powered accountants to be allowed to write that off in April.

Very much with you SF on the lower financial and morning-preparation-hassle costs that come with baldness. Big fan of it actually. Walking in the rain without an umbrella – that’s another thing.

Some Sox sites are comparing the ratings of the last Pats game to the ratings of the last Sox game. Their conclusion? The Sox aren’t truly relevant anymore in Boston. Why? They’re too corporate. Not one likeable player. JD Drew and Jay Bay may produce, but they’re not fun. Then they brought up Manny Ortiz and their “history”.
The top of the mountain tasted pretty sweet. But even 2007 showed there’s no going back. You got everything you wanted and it still wasn’t enough. Reality intervenes….
Like the Yankees being dominant again!

Surprising especially that the Angels haven’t done this yet considering what they did when David Ortiz was red hot in 2007.
Ortiz in those three games went 5 for 7 with six walks for a nifty .846 on-base percentage. He went two for three with a two-run homer and a walk in Game 1, then came to the plate five times in Game 2, and was walked four of those times, twice intentionally. Of course, after that last walk Manny Ramirez came up and ended the game. Oops.

Like the Yankees being dominant again!
Talk about jumping the gun. They haven’t done shit yet.

Thus far, the Yankees are getting exactly what they paid for – a lot of victories. The judgment comes in the next week or so.

Doesn’t every team ‘buy’ their victories? Or does every other baseball team pay their players with a pat on the back and a handshake?

THERE’S B-RAD!!! I was wondering when you were going to make a remark…
SURPRISE!!!! You brought up payroll…you are so tired bro. Sox didn’t “buy” the players that won them their titles, huh? Manny, Ortiz, Beckett (trade but had to take on Lowell’s salary so bought)…
Come on bro. Let it go already?
Or should we start talking about your two * titles now as well…since you and Hudson can’t seem to shut up about $$$ and steroids?
“Once identified as a user, such talk will never go away, fairly or not. Considering how rich ARod got while juicing, I’d say it’s a small price for him to pay.”
Cool, so hence forth whenever you guys bring up 2004 or 2007, I will be sure to bring up the *…works both ways brother.

“i was just messing around with the silliness of the story krueg”
Yeah dc, I know…i was commenting on the author. Is that B-rad’s blog perchance??? Nope, didn’t whine enough about payroll…couldn’t be.

“Or does every other baseball team pay their players with a pat on the back and a handshake”
This made me laugh Andrew. Thank you.
Look, it is next to impossible for (SOME) fans of whichever of our two respective teams is on the bottom of the rivalry’s bi-polar power struggle to resist taking potshots (money, steroids, park effects, frequency of champiosnhips “bought”, infrequency of championships won, etc.).
Honestly, to all the SFs who come here regularly, I would prefer the Yankees to be playing Boston right now – in part because it would make this site a (good-natured) rhetorical war-zone.
But to be frank, there is quite literally nothing anyone could say right now that would make me feel even the slightest bit ashamed or less excited by this Yankee team and its success to-date. As John-YF said months ago, they have just been a lot of fun to watch – full of personality and late-inning drama, new players both young (Gardner, Cervelli, Robertson) and experienced (CC, Tex, AJ, Swisher) that have each added substantially to both the team’s performance and personality. (OK, Teixeira hasn’t added a whole ot of personality, but definitely performance). Add in the (healthy!!) old guard of Jeter, Mo, Pettitte, and Posada and I couldn’t be more into this team.
When an sf says “the jury’s out”, “they haven’t don sh*t yet”, etc. it’s clearly because the success of the Yankees is painful for him/her to observe and he/she hopes it will come to an end shy of a championship title. I get it. And I might very well have said and felt the same things in recent years when the Sox had the upper hand in the rivalry.
But honestly, while I’ll be disappointed if the Yankees don’t win it all (much moreso if they blow it vs. LA being up 3-1 than if they lose to a great Phillies team), it won’t take away the fact that I’ve genuinely enjoyed the ’09 team (and gone to many more games as a result) than any Yankee team in years. And it’s not just about winning because those were winning teams too.
If you are among the few who want to take potshots, by all means go ahead i guess. But note that the regular SFs here abstain. And know that A. potshots won’t change what I or many YFs feel about this team; B. they won’t change the respective places of the Yanks and Sox this year (which could just as easily reverse next year); and C. it is really silly to initiate a nasty back-and-forth with YFs because nothing (even an ALCS collapse vs. LA!) will change point B.

“it won’t take away the fact that I’ve genuinely enjoyed the ’09 team (and gone to many more games as a result) than any Yankee team in years. And it’s not just about winning because those were winning teams too.”
I’m totally with you here. And that’s why I think the Sox discussion is an interesting contrast. They’ll never have a problem selling out Fenway. But if the ratings of a deciding playoff game can’t beat some random Pats game, I think we get a sense of how beloved their current team is. Do any SFs really enjoy any of your players? It’s almost as if the Dirt Cowboys picked up Corporate Pinstripes while the Blue Pinstripes picked up hard hats. That to me is a very interesting contrast in the teams right now. I’ll love this Yankees team even if they fail. By contrast, I never really loved the 2002-2008 versions.

Another interesting contrast to me: Which player defines this Yankees team? Even as they’re there, it’s not the old guard. And it’s not the new guys. And it’s not the superstars. In an interesting loop back onto the 96-01 dynasty, it’s about the team, not any one individual player. That’s what makes them so likeable to me. They have at least four Hall of Famers on this team and yet none stands apart in the limelight. There’s no head case. It’s just a very enjoyable bunch to watch even as the results make it that much easier.

Jazzy said: “Do any SFs really enjoy any of your players?”
Of course we do! don’t be silly

JJ: I am certain that SFs are into several of their players. If Youkilis or Beckett, or Pedroia, or Lester played for the Yankees I’m sure we would be very into them.
As for the Yankee team, while I agree that it hasn’t been about one or two guys all year (incredibly balanced line-up, deep bullpen, and solid starting 3 (if not 4…and definitely not 5), but in October it has been very much about a couple guys and I am hoping that they get back to the former because I think they’ll need to vs. Philly – not to mention to finish off LA.

Internet tough guy. I didn’t bring up the payroll at all, jackass. I simply said that, to date, the Yankees have gotten what they paid for – a lot of victories. How does that have anything at all to do with payroll? Did they pay the players to come – yes. Did they win a lot – yes. Where is the problem in that statement?
And stop writing my name like that. I don’t come on here and butcher up your name at all, so cut the shit with the backhanded “just playing around” shit.

OK – can we drop both the “jackass” name-calling and the hyphenated name-butchering? Neither can go anywhere but downward.
Re: your original comment Brad, I don’t think “they got what they paid for” is an inocuous comment without intended insinuation to the Yankee payroll beef, but I’ve already noted my view on such things rather verbosely in my 2:30 comment so I’ll just leave it at that.
And I agree with you re: Lester Andrew. Wish he played for the Yanks.

Well my little step-in seems to be late. We’re now into d-bags and virtual-fight-picking. Please guys. Please. Please?

I think we should just ignore each other from now on. Period. For us to continue this is stupid and what are we going to do, fly to a neutral site and brawl?
You hate me, I hate you. Nothing more needs to be said, agreed?

“You hate me, I hate you. Nothing more needs to be said, agreed?”
Though probably the best – or only feasible – solution at this point.

IH, I honestly wasn’t referring to the payroll at all. I was simply saying that they have gotten what they paid for, which, unlike other years recently, has worked.
They spent a lot of money, and it has worked out. That’s all I was saying, bro.

OK Brad. I can actually see how – in light of not getting what they paid for in previous years (i.e. dropping a mint on Carl Pavano, Kevin Brown, and assorted uglies) – this could be said without intending the payroll debate thing. Regardless – I think it’s all fine. At least until you and Krueg bump into each other in a bar somewhere.

Right on – If it works out, then fine. If they lose, they still had a great season. However, I really hope they don’t lose. I really hope they win it all. I can’t imagine playing this team next year if they lose this year.
The above comment has everything to do with payroll.:)

That’s fine. It’s been a hot second since I’ve had any fun lately anyhow. If it weren’t for my Broncos, sports would just downright suck right now.

We worked it out, and found a solution.
I’ve been here pretty regularly for almost 5 years now, and that MAY be the second time I’ve ever had a problem with anyone. dc and I had a riff three or four years ago, which we settled and get along fine, and now this. Hardly “banning” material.
I’m sorry if I offended anyone by going outside the lines.

Haven’t been around today much, tried to read all of this mess and stopped midway. We are never all going to agree, but let’s at least keep it civil my friends.
“If it weren’t for my Broncos, sports would just downright suck right now.”
Smoke and Mirrors Brad. The real Kyle Orton will reveal himself sooner or later. I do root for Knowshon though being a UGA fan.

Well, this is also a fight among the kids. The mods are fine playing the adult just so long as no one questions their own childishness.

“so long as no one questions their own childishness”
Not at all. Please do question my childishness. I’ll throw my wubbie at you. Right after I pull this play-doh out of my nose.
In all seriousness I can’t believe anyone would have a problem with went on here today. We just had a passionate YF and passionate SF agree to hate each other without playing that hate out too much more. Score one for Send us into Afghanistan.

Smoke and Mirrors Brad.
Okay, see. Now John and I have serious issue too, and I know where to find him! haha.
Come on, bud. As long as Orton doesn’t lose the games, they’re going to be tough to beat. He just has too many tools to play with. This isn’t Chicago, where he needed to be a star. He just needs to be smart, the team will do the rest.
And, my childishness can alwasys be questioned as well. I said I was sorry, Rob. What more do you want, bud?

I feel the same way IH. Let anyone say anyone say anything so long as there’s an assumption that anything can be said. At the core we should be adults and so be able to handle mere words.
Problem is, the scope of the debate is limited in a knee-jerk way then the TOS are used as convenient cudgel. Look at yesterday. I had a complaint but instead of addressing that head on, some of your co-mods shut it off because they’re uncomfortable with the criticism of “them”- timely or not. That’s obviously not what happened here, to your credit.
Quite honestly though, hate is a very strong word when all you guys really hate are each other’s passionate fandom. But we knew that already. That’s the point of the site and Brad and krueg are very far from alone. I’ve grown to “detest” Paul and Andy even as I know I could easy break bread with either. Their childishness is the failure to put that irrational fandom aside to see the interaction here for what they are – YFSF.

Brad, you and kreug apologizing is far more than what some of the mods do when they’re clearly in the wrong. I’ve apologized many times here and privately. I’ve never received the same in return.

Your ability to persevere through such clearly biased and targeted assaults on your character is inspiring Rob. The mods here let guys like brad and krueg off the hook but somehow just have it in for you. And for reasons having nothing to do with your behavior. I don’t know how you do it man but it is a clarion call to the rest of us to keep our eyes on the prize. Even if the prize is rather pointless.
It’s seriously unfortunate that the Nobel Committee didn’t hear about your long-suffering existence here before they gave the peace prize to Obama.
Someone launch the YFSF-Oslo chapter!

I feel like Popeye right before he eats the spinach…but I’ll just continue to ignore.
Brad, the Broncos are in quite possibly the worst division in football…so I guess to some degree you’re right!

I LOATHE A-Rod but I think I would IBB him with bases loaded just to avoid pitching to him.

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