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Will Middlebrooks Hurt

Apparently hurt himself in mid-swing today, not HBP. Same arm as he broke last year. I’m sure more disheartening details are coming.

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So far, they’re saying it’s just “soreness”, that he saw a wrist specialist and is fine. I have visions of him having chronic pain all year. Who’s depth there? Ciriaco every day? Blech.

These injuries are the perfect reason to legalize HGH/Steroids…get ’em back up and playing asap.

Legalize it man.

Brock Holt (Rock Bolt?) also could play 3rd, but JF said last week that he’s concrned about 3rd base depth.
Tests for damage/injury are negative, and he’s possible to play today. But show me don’t tell me.

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