Will the Real Red Sox Please Stand Up? Sox-Rays Gamer VI

In 11 games this season, the Red Sox are 11-0, including 3-0 against the Yankees.

In 12 games this season, the Red Sox are 3-9, including 1-5 against the Rays.

Let's figure this thing out one way or the other.

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Jason Bay showing a lot of effort, running out a groundball, then stealing 2nd.

From another angle you can see the ball hit him squarely in the balls. He’ll be fine.
I was afraid it was a cracked rib at first.

Dude, that’s the second time this game Longoria has hit Kottaras with his bat on the follow-through. First in the hand, now right on the side of the face. Trainers out, Kottaras okay but in some pain.

Couldn’t agree more. Something about his face makes me just want to punch it.
Maybe it’s the fact that he just a 2-run single. Fuck.

Beckett’s curveball would hurt more than Wake’s fastball.
Burrell doubles, 6-5 now. Here’s that 5th-inning collapse we’ve had lately.

Shoot, I should have audio on the radio, but listening to the Celtics instead!

Wow, those pitches from Wake were everywhere but the strike-zone according to Gameday.

Can’t watch on because it is blacked out in Boston – which is a big pain since I don’t have cable (we threw away our TV when the kid was born – so I just have a TV tuner dongle on my computer for over-the-air stuff).

I wonder if this is the first time this has happened since 2003: The Rays are intentionally walking a batter to pitch to David Ortiz.
I’d love to see Papi make ’em pay, but I don’t think he will.

It’s pretty sad when the other team is intentionally walking Pedroia to get to Ortiz.

Keep him from getting in trouble. You know what those kids get up to in the bullpen when they’re bored.

C’s lead dwindling. You can tell their offense is losing confidence fast. Technical foul? Fuck that noise.
Double play ends the inning for the Sox, let’s finish this one.

Saito just threw 12 pitches to Crawford, 11 of them the same type of pitch. That typically doesn’t work unless you are Mariano Rivera, and it didn’t.

Uh oh, referees reverse a call from the FIRST QUARTER and award the Bulls another point. 5 point lead with 5:44 to go.

Done. Split the series with these suckas tomorrow…oh God, it’s Penny, isn’t it?

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